Why Students Fail or Have Missing Score in UTME Exam

By | October 31, 2022

Why Students Fail or Have Missing Score in UTME Exam, After spending a lot of time preparing, attending school, attending lessons, having sleepless nights and burning the midnight candle, nothing can be worse or more shameful than failing the examination for which you have been preparing or even worse, being told that your score is missing.




Why Students Have Missing Score in JAMB UTME Exam


Why Students Have Missing Score in JAMB UTME Exam.

It can be very painful. Indeed, there has been a rare case or two, where the candidate has harmed themselves or even committed suicide after such an occurrence.

But after thorough inquiries, it has been revealed that the candidates themselves are usually the cause of their own misfortunes.

Indeed many a candidate has railed and ranted against the institution whose exam they took while being totally unaware that they dug their own grave(figuratively speaking), through some practices they engaged in and some silly mistakes they made. It is for this reason that I have compiled a list of the reasons why students fail or have missing scores in their Post UTME exam.

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The Hot School News Team wants you to be the best for yourself and your parent. That is the reason why we have to point out the 7 Reasons Why Students Fail or Have Missed Score in Post UTME Exams. It will be very disappointing for a hard working student like you to fail in the task of getting admission this year because if little mistakes you should avoid.

Why Students Fail or Have Missing Score in UTME Exam

(1)    Failure to Obey Instructions: Instructions in the examination hall is an examination itself. Failure to obey the instruction is failure to pass the examination. Simple! Do exactly what you are told to do and avoid doing what you are not told to do.

(2)    Spending too much time in One Questions: Time management in the exam hall is very important. Some students spend too much time on one question and before they realized, the time allotted for the exams has been exhausted.

(3)    Too much confident: Overconfidence makes some students to relax into reading. Being too much confident will harm you. This type of students only realizes that they are nobody only when the result is out

(4)    Shading with 2B instead of HB pencil. The OMR machine that will mark the answer sheets recognizes HB pencil. So using 2B pencil may confuse the machine either to score your wrongly or discard your answers

(5)    Shading wrong Personal details: If you shade your personal details wrongly, you will have a missing score. These personal details include; name, date of birth, jamb score etc.

(6)    Shading two answers at the same: Unless the answer demands shading of two answers at the same time, do not do this. Shading two answers will confuse the OMR marking machine and will make it to skip your answer

(7)    Malpractice: If you bring with you anything like expo into the exam hall, this can lead to your failure. Expo cannot help you to pass examinations, instead your God given brain. If you are caught, your paper will be squeezed immediately.

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