Why use InVideo for Video Editing?

By | February 1, 2024

In this digital age, people spend a lot of time watching videos online. Video content has become the prominent form of communication and is quickly becoming the primary source of information for many users.
Video editing software is a must-have tool if you are creating video content or sharing it online. Editing your videos can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if you have little experience or knowledge of programs like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. Fortunately, there are several solutions to simplify video editing.
With InVideo Video Editor by Vidbors, you can edit your videos directly in YouTube, Vimeo or any other platform that supports in-video editor integrations.
This article will explain why use InVideo for video editing, how InVideo works with YouTube and Vimeo, and how to get started with InVideo in five easy steps.

How to Use Video Editing Software, InVideo

Why use InVideo for Video Editing - Best School News

Are you a video content creator that is looking for the best ways to optimize your workflow? InVideo is a tool that offers numerous benefits and an intuitive interface to assist with editing your videos. If you are frequently creating videos or are just getting started with editing them, this blog will explain why you should consider using InVideo for video editing. InVideo simplifies the entire production process by acting as a second editor while you record. Instead of spending time trying to find clips that need cut, overlay arrows or other indicators pointing out where you should edit next. Using InVideo, your footage will already be organized, labeled, and ready for you to begin editing right away. This blog will also share some useful tips on how to get the most out of this video editing software.


What Is InVideo?

InVideo is a video editing tool that allows users to record and edit video clips simultaneously. With InVideo, video producers can save time by recording and labeling their footage all at once, rather than recording and then editing. The software features a wide variety of editing features, such as adding audio cues, syncing video clips, and more. InVideo is great for beginners, as well as seasoned professionals, who want to save editing time by recording and labeling all their footage at the same time. InVideo also integrates with other popular video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. This allows for seamless transitions between editing software, so you can work more efficiently.

Record and Edit at the Same Time

With InVideo, you can record your content and edit it at the same time, saving you time and energy. The software features a wide variety of editing features, such as adding audio cues and syncing video clips. This allows you to mark certain parts of your footage so you can easily find them when it comes time to edit. You can even add notes to your videos to remind yourself of important details, like the name of someone in the clip or where the footage was taken. After you’re done recording, you can easily drag and drop clips into your editing timeline. This saves you time and effort since you won’t have to go back and find each clip by manually searching for them. Recording and editing at the same time is a great option for people who like to keep their workflow consistent.

Automatic Video Organization

Since InVideo records and organizes your footage at the same time, your video clips will be correctly labeled and correctly placed in your video editing software. Not only does this save you time and energy, but it also helps to avoid mistakes. This saves you time by eliminating the need to search for clips and manually label them. All your footage will automatically be placed in your project folder and the software will label it appropriately so you can easily find it when you come back to edit. This is a great feature for those who prefer to work with their footage as soon as it’s recorded. Otherwise, you might forget to label your clips or place them in the right folders if you wait to edit them later on.


Built-in Audio Editing for Sync

InVideo allows you to easily sync your audio clips with your video footage. This helps ensure that your audio and video are both in perfect sync with each other. It’s important to ensure that your audio and video are in sync with each other so your viewers aren’t distracted by mismatched audio and video. This can occur when you record your content at a different time than you actually edit it. This happens most often when you record your content in separate sessions and edit the footage at a later date. When you record and edit your content at the same time, you can use InVideo’s built-in audio editing for sync feature to easily match your audio clips with your video. This feature is a great tool for those who prefer to record and edit their content at the same time.

Bumping to Check Sync and Edit Continuity

Bumping is an audio technique that allows you to easily check sync between clips. It is used in video production to ensure that audio is correctly placed with video. This allows you to easily pinpoint your video edits so you can make sure that everything flows together smoothly. Bumping your audio helps you quickly identify parts of your footage that need to be edited. Bumping refers to tapping a microphone against something. This creates a unique sound that allows you to easily identify which audio clips need to be edited. Bumping your audio can also be used to check continuity between your clips. You can use this to make sure that each video clip flows from one to another without any unwanted breaks or jumps.

Brightness, Color, and Contrast Adjustments

You can make brightness, color, and contrast adjustments to your video clips using InVideo. This allows you to use your footage as-is or make adjustments based on your personal preferences. Making adjustments to your video clips allows you to make minor changes to improve your finished product. For example, you might decide to increase the brightness or contrast of a video clip to make it pop more. Or, you may want to decrease the brightness of a dark video so it isn’t as overwhelming. Making adjustments to your video clips allows you to easily improve your video quality. This is particularly helpful if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of your original footage. Fortunately, with InVideo, you can easily make adjustments to ensure that your video looks its best.


InVideo is a great video editing tool for those who like to keep their workflow consistent. This software allows you to record and edit your video at the same time, which reduces editing time. InVideo also automatically organizes your footage and labels it appropriately so you can easily find it when editing. This helps save time and prevents mistakes. However, you can also use InVideo to make adjustments to your video clips, such as brightness, color, and contrast. This allows you to easily improve your video quality. If you want to save time during your video editing process, InVideo is a great option.


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