12 Things To Do Before Applying For a Job

By | January 14, 2024

12 Things To Do Before Applying For a Job | Are you having issues applying for jobs and being considered the right applicant for the job? If yes then this information is for you. This provides you with ten vital things to put in place before you think of applying for a job.

There are three ways to apply for a job. It’s either you apply online via submission of a resume, curriculum vitae (CV) or you or you apply manually by submitting a scripted application, and finally applying in person Either ways some things are involved, but our focus is on first two as the last option has fewer demands.



A careful study of job specification and requirements; Read through the job specification and requirements and ensure that you have what they need before you begin preparing to apply for the job. Many online job applicants often glance through job notifications and go-ahead to apply for it without careful study of its requirements.

Before applying for the job ensure that meets all the specified requirements. This will cover the location of the job if it’s close to your current location, remuneration if specified already, does it suit your expectations. The nature of the job is part-time or full time. These should be carefully observed before further steps are taken.



Work on your self-comportment, avoid being nervous; apart from a well-scripted resume and cover letter, self-comportment also speaks volumes of job applicants.  This often affects people with stage fright and a specified phobia. Applicants with this problem should work on themselves because interviews are inevitable.

The first five points are basically for online applications while the former and later targets the other


Work on Your Social Media Handles; before applying for jobs online, work on your social media handles by providing genuine information about yourself updating to your current social, economic status, Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. applicant registering on these networks with nickname should endeavor to provide their social media names.


Avoid the use of an all-purpose resume or CV, and cover letter: before applying for any job online, restructure your CV and cover letters to suit the required position. Avoid using an all-purpose cv, resume, and cover letters. In order words, applicants should be specific. Just as it is done on social media, cv should be updated to applicants’ current achievements both educational and otherwise.


Make further studies about the hiring company; applicants should endeavor to make further studies about the hiring company. Before you apply, conduct a personal study on the company. Get to know a little more than what is presented to you on the adverts. This helps you to know where you are going and subsequently, for the purpose of the interview.

In making a finding of the company, know the proper recipients of your application, and direct it appropriately.

Generally, things to do before applying for a job.

In addition to the points stated above, these all serve the general purposes of applying for jobs.


Avoid the use of too many ambiguous words to express yourself in your resume or cv; for other types of application, resume and cv, and cover letters are the first point of with the employer, prepare your documents in simple written English. Avoid the use of ambiguous words in the name of grammar, this will only discredit you by getting the employer confused.


Avoid the presentation of fake details and pompous sounding tones to impress prospective employer:  ensure that every detail provided to the employer are accurate because a breach of this can disqualify for the job if the applicant had been considered for an interview.


Have full knowledge of the recipient and the address so as to avoid unnecessary mistakes while addressing your letter; know who the recipient is. Do not address your cover letter to the wrong person.


Find a way to interact with current employees for more findings of the company; connect with current employees of the company in the best possible ways. Not to seek recommendations, except need be. But to gain knowledge about the company and their mode of operation.


Avoid bad records in your current place of employment; before applying for jobs, ensure that all bad records have been sorted out, and most importantly avoid bad records in the current place of work if any, and social organizations as employers will conduct in-depth scrutiny of the proposed employer and if found with any bad record, it automatically disqualifies.


Widen your horizon of knowledge; before applying for jobs, read wide. It must not be from your area of discipline. Explore other areas to gain more knowledge and be fully prepared for the job.


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