25 High Paying Jobs in Louisiana in 2022

Louisiana is a beautiful state with many rural and coastal areas. It’s also a place where jobs are abundant. In fact, it’s home to many high-paying jobs for people who have studied the right industries, have the right education, and have the skills needed for these occupations. The Louisiana workforce is made up of more than 1 million people, which makes it one of the largest in America. Millions of employers set up shop in Louisiana as well, meaning there’s no lack of career opportunities either. If you live in Louisiana or are thinking about moving to this amazing state, check out these six high-paying jobs that are available now in Louisiana!
25 High Paying Jobs in Louisiana - Best School News
The economy has been a concern for many people. Louisiana is no different. But it’s important to find work that you enjoy and which gives you the lifestyle you desire. Take time to explore your options and find a career that will suit your individual needs. From finance to marketing, from healthcare to hospitality and tourism, there are plenty of high paying jobs in Louisiana that are waiting for qualified applicants. All it takes is some research and some dedication on your part to land one of these top careers.

What is the highest paying job in Louisiana?

Louisiana is a state that is home to some of the highest paying jobs in America. With an average salary of $56,630, truck drivers are Louisiana’s highest paid profession. There are also many highly paid construction and business administration jobs here.
However, while there are plenty of lucrative careers in Louisiana, the state isn’t all about high salaries. For example, the lowest paying job in Louisiana is newspaper delivery with an average salary of only $9,000 per year. Here are the top ten highest and lowest paying jobs in Louisiana.

25 high-paying jobs in Louisiana

If you’re looking for a job, Louisiana has some great opportunities in a variety of industries. These jobs offer the most competitive salaries in Louisiana and pay an average of $62,000 per year. They are detailed below according to their industry. 25 Louisiana high paying jobs are listed below.

Louisiana offers a wide range of high-paying jobs, across multiple industries, including:

1. Marketing manager

Average salary: $49,378 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers oversee the promotional messaging of products and services. Their goal is to increase brand awareness and attract more customers through various marketing strategies, such as advertising or social media.

2. Air traffic controller

Average salary: $50,049 per year

Primary duties: Air traffic controllers monitor and direct aircraft, ensuring their safe travel and landings. They are responsible for controlling all ground traffic on runways and issuing instructions to pilots.

3. Nuclear engineer

Average salary: $57,252 per year

Primary duties: Nuclear engineers design and develop nuclear equipment. They also help to operate nuclear power plants, ensuring that they run safely.

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4. Chiropractor

Average salary: $59,922 per year

Primary duties: Chiropractors treat patients dealing with neuromusculoskeletal problems. This includes spinal adjustments and manipulation to improve nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.

5. Database administrator

Average salary: $61,273 per year

Primary duties: The primary responsibilities of a database administrator include setting up databases, maintaining database efficiency and standards, managing access to the database and database optimization. Database administrators ensure the proper handling of data for quick and safe recall.

6. Sales representative

Average salary: $64,943 per year

Primary duties: Sales representatives generate sales on behalf of a business. These professionals must meet sales goals, generate leads and prepare sales reports. Sales representatives may also need to negotiate with customers and handle customer support issues.

7. Lawyer

Average salary: $68,734 per year

Primary duties: Lawyers are responsible for representing their clients in legal matters. Their primary duties include interviewing clients to understand their case, researching legal precedents, providing legal advice and preparing court cases.

8. Systems analyst

Average salary: $68,973 per year

Primary duties: Systems analysts examine the IT system of a business and ensure it is meeting their needs. They investigate how software, hardware and network infrastructure work together to serve the business, then look for improvements.

9. Human resources manager

Average salary: $69,426 per year

Primary duties: Human resources managers lead a human resources department. This role includes conducting the hiring process, monitoring employee absences, enforcing company policies and often administering pay.

10. Geographer

Average salary: $70,660 per year

Primary duties: Geographers collect and analyze geographic data with the aim of assisting public and private land projects. They use their knowledge of the earth’s environment to help predict how natural conditions and human behavior will impact a specific area.

11. Financial analyst

Average salary: $73,320 per year

Primary duties: Financial analysts study past and current financial data to make future projections. They look for trends or patterns, then use this information to advise businesses or individuals on their financial future.

12. Computer programmer

Average salary: $73,997 per year

Primary duties: Computer programmers create applications for computers. This includes designing, testing, debugging and implementing coded programs. Computer programmers must create applications that meet the needs of their customers.

13. Pilot

Average salary: $76,741 per year

Primary duties: The primary duty of a pilot is to safely operate an aircraft. This can include transporting both goods or passengers. Pilots are also required to regularly check weather reports, confirm flight plans and perform inspections of their aircraft.

14. Occupational therapist

Average salary: $81,033 per year

Primary duties: Occupational therapists help their patients improve or develop skills needed for everyday life. They treat people with injuries, disabilities or illnesses using specialized equipment. Many occupational therapists work with patients on a long-term basis until they have improved enough to operate on their own.

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15. Construction manager

Average salary: $82,322 per year

Primary duties: A construction manager oversees a construction project from start to finish. This process can include hiring personnel or subcontractors, monitoring safety compliance, estimating costs and timelines, maximizing available resources and submitting budget reports.

16. Environmental engineer

Average salary: $84,459 per year

Primary duties: Environmental engineers’ duties all relate to protecting the environment. They investigate and prepare reports for organizations, outlining their potential impacts on the environment, such as through air pollution or land development.

17. Civil engineer

Average salary: $89,755 per year

Primary duties: The primary duty of civil engineers is to develop large transportation projects. Civil engineers work on projects such as airports, tunnels, bridges, dams and roads. These engineers are involved in all aspects of the project, including designing, building and maintenance.

18. Veterinarian

Average salary: $91,591 per year

Primary duties: Veterinarians are primarily responsible for examining and treating animals. These medical professionals diagnose problems, treat wounds, administer vaccinations and perform surgery. Veterinarians also provide advice to animal owners about treatment options and general animal health.

19. Economist

Average salary: $92,492 per year

Primary duties: An economist analyzes economic data to better understand trends and patterns. They present their research findings for either educational purposes or to help businesses and other organizations make strategic decisions.

20. Aeronautical engineer

Average salary: $95,581 per year

Primary duties: Aeronautical engineers work with aircraft, spacecraft and satellites, designing and testing products.

21. Pharmacist

Average salary: $119,120 per year

Primary duties: Pharmacists prepare medications based on instructions from a physician. They are responsible for compounding, packaging and labeling medications before delivering them to the patient.

22. Optometrist

Average salary: $153,875 per year

Primary duties: Optometrists administer eye exams and prescribe glasses and contact lenses to help improve vision in patients. They diagnose vision problems and discuss with patients the best course of action.

23. Dentist

Average salary: $208,168 per year

Primary duties: Dentists help patients care for their oral health. They perform dental exams, interpret X-ray results, diagnose oral diseases, perform cleanings and surgeries and create treatment plans. Dentists also provide patients with advice on how to best care for their teeth.

24. Psychiatrist

Average salary: $222,356 per year

Primary duties: Psychiatrists help patients with their behavioral, mental or emotional disorders. Through meetings with the patient, the psychiatrist diagnoses the patient’s condition, then works with them to implement a treatment plan. Psychiatrists are also licensed to write prescriptions.

25. Physician

Average salary: $269,154 per year

Primary duties: The primary duty of a physician is to diagnose and treat illnesses or injuries. Physicians examine their patients, analyze diagnostic tests, discuss treatment options and prescribe medications when necessary. Physicians also provide patients with wellness tips to improve their overall health.

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76 more high-paying jobs in Louisiana

Here are 76 more great options to consider:

Business and marketing jobs

  1. Market research analyst: $31,073 per year

  2. Public relations manager: $41,924 per year

  3. Copywriter: $46,735 per year

  4. Digital marketing manager: $49,819 per year

  5. Brand manager: $50,473 per year

  6. Content marketer: $53,704 per year

  7. General and operations manager: $56,102 per year

  8. Training and development manager: $58,482 per year

  9. Certified public accountant: $62,601 per year

  10. Sales manager: $66,970 per year

  11. Search engine marketing manager: $71,975 per year

  12. Program administrator: $76,983 per year

  13. Management analyst: $85,564 per year

  14. Sales engineer: $101,457 per year

  15. Communications director: $117,719 per year

  16. Chief executive officer: $126,543 per year

Computer and technology jobs

  1. Web designer: $38,260 per year

  2. Graphic designer: $40,122 per year

  3. Video game designer: $57,184 per year

  4. Webmaster: $59,795 per year

  5. Technology manager: $67,233 per year

  6. Computer systems analyst: $68,973 per year

  7. Software developer: $85,414 per year

  8. IT security specialist: $89,113 per year

  9. Computer hardware engineer: $107,270 per year

  10. Computer network architect: $117,378 per year

  11. Mobile application developer: $154,280 per year

Education jobs

  1. Computer science instructor: $40,471 per year

  2. Research manager: $42,585 per year

  3. ESL teacher: $42,612 per year

  4. Math teacher: $46,561 per year

  5. Physical education teacher: $47,376 per year

  6. Science teacher: $48,871 per year

  7. English teacher: $50,161 per year

  8. Librarian: $53,391 per year

  9. Historian: $66,827 per year

  10. Professor: $66,922 per year

  11. School administrator: $83,983 per year

Engineering jobs

  1. Materials engineer: $64,554 per year

  2. Biomedical engineer: $68,957 per year

  3. Industrial engineer: $75,301 per year

  4. Marine engineer: $78,789 per year

  5. Environmental engineer: $84,459 per year

  6. Electrical engineer: $92,063 per year

  7. Petroleum engineer: $105,087 per year

  8. Mechanical engineering technician: $109,369 per year

  9. Engineering manager: $126,445 per year

Healthcare jobs

  1. Physical therapist: $23,400 per year

  2. Health services director: $32,657 per year

  3. Anesthesia technician: $38,952 per year

  4. Health and safety coordinator: $39,743 per year

  5. School psychologist: $58,463 per year

  6. Nurse: $65,409 per year

  7. Speech-language pathologist: $75,167 per year

  8. Physician assistant: $81,305 per year

  9. Psychologist: $97,398 per year

  10. Nurse practitioners: $104,016 per year

  11. Podiatrist: $122,343 per year

  12. Pediatrician: $153,726 per year

  13. Gynecologist: $169,608 per year

  14. Surgeon: $238,590 per year

Other jobs

  1. Farmer: $23,849 per year

  2. Gaming manager: $38,294 per year

  3. Mail carrier: $39,140 per year

  4. Retail store manager: $39,594 per year

  5. Captain of water vessels: $51,411 per year

  6. Transportation supervisor: $51,462 per year

  7. Laboratory manager: $56,064 per year

  8. Air conditioning technician: $58,518 per year

  9. Translator: $63,258 per year

  10. Natural resource technician: $64,365 per year

  11. Meteorologist: $74,790 per year

  12. Statistician: $83,360 per year

  13. Chemist: $87,610 per year

  14. Architect: $87,484 per year

  15. Powertrain engineer: $95,026 per year

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