5 Tips on Maximizing Your Video Chatting Experience

By | February 27, 2024

Video chats are extremely popular nowadays. Everyone has used them at least once in life. It isn’t easy to imagine a person who doesn’t have a live video chatting experience. For some individuals, it’s not a big deal, while others do not feel comfortable being on camera and “posing” in front of others.

5 Tips on Maximizing Your Video Chatting Experience

Improving your video call experience is not difficult, even if you talk to female strangers online and feel embarrassed. You just need to stick to some general rules that apply to both men and women. The tips below are truly universal and work perfectly well regardless of location, gender, and age. Learn what you can do during a video call, what you should not do, how to behave in a video chat, and make it more interesting.

1.   Take care of how you look — the first impression matters!

No matter how great and versatile your personality is, you will never have the best online video chatting experience if you look messy. People do not perceive individuals who do not even care whether it’s pleasant to look at them. Thus, if you want a successful chat and want people to love you for who you are, better ensure you look your best during a video call.

You may say — I am not handsome, or I am overweight. It doesn’t matter. You do not have to be a beauty queen or a fashion icon to look at least ok. It means that you should pay attention to your hair to be done, have clean clothes, and have your clothes on, at all. Do not appear on a webcam topless so everyone can see your core.

Make sure you do not wear pajamas, etc. If you want your interlocutors to like and respect you, respect them first. No one is excited to see a person who just woke up and did not put in a single effort to bring her or himself to order.

2.   Take care of your background

Now, as you dressed up and made sure your hair was not a mess, look around. What do you see in your room? The place where you conduct your video call also matters. For instance, doing it in a bathroom is not appropriate. You should sit in a usual place — your room, living room, kitchen, yard, etc. — that also looks ok.

If you wake up and do not make your bed, at least ensure it is not in your camera’s focus. But better make your bed and make sure your room is tidy. Your clothes and other stuff must be in their places. When talking to you, people should not think there was exposure in your room.

You are mistaken if you think that a free chat is unimportant and you can do whatever you want. Even if you do not pay for this video call, you should respect people who spend time talking to you. By the way, you should take care not only of your background but also the quality of your camera and angle.


If, let’s say, you are talking to someone who is sitting in a room with excellent light and you can see their face, hiding your face or having your shades on is unacceptable. The person who exposes herself to you also has a right to see your face and eyes pretty clearly. Here is the conclusion: make sure you:

  • Are not sitting in darkness;
  • Expose your face to the camera fully (not your forehead or your chin only);
  • Do not wear any masks or sunglasses, etc.

5 Tips on Maximizing Your Video Chatting Experience

3.   Lead a dialogue

This rule seems so natural and obvious. Why else do guys video chat with girls online and vice versa? Definitely, to talk. Unfortunately, not everyone sticks to these rules. Not all people are equally active and talkative. Due to this, some of them are too embarrassed and are listeners, while others are talkers.

Both cases are problematic. If you want to start a quality video chat and be interesting to someone, you should always lead dialogues. Are you too shy or too active that you cannot stop talking? Then work on your communication skills immediately, find some information about it online, watch some YouTube lessons, etc.

If you are not saying a word or say one word per minute like “Yeah,” “Oh,” “I see,” etc., the person on another side of the screen will never talk to you again because there is nothing to talk about. The same applies to your hyperactivity. Remember: a dialogue supposes two people to talk, ask and answer questions.

If your interlocutor is asking you a question and hears one word or nothing at all, they will hardly have a wish to continue. However, if you are talking non-stop for twenty minutes telling about yourself and not being interested in another person, the effect will be the same. Ask questions and give your opponent a good time to answer them.

Show interest not only in your person, do not talk only about yourself and your interests but express interest in other people. Otherwise, do not be surprised to be rejected when requesting another video call next time.

4.   Impress your opponents!

Yes, it’s easy to say “impress,” but how do you do that? First, you must know your goals to understand how to get better quality video chats. Knowing your goals means being prepared for a conversation. Think about what you are going to discuss (cinema, your interests, music, etc.) beforehand.

Prepare questions for people depending on who you are going to talk to. If it is a girl — be careful and do not offend her. Do not make dirty jokes, show interest in her personality instead, ask for her phone number politely, etc. You can demonstrate your skills if you have talents like singing or playing musical instruments.

Girls adore it when guys play for them. However, do not impose this. After discussing each other’s hobbies, tell them what you love doing and ask if she would like to hear you playing politely. After learning about your interests, the girl may ask for it herself, and you will not even have to offer.

5.   Always keep your opponent in mind!

The rules above apply to all cases without exceptions. However, one thing is to watch an online girls’ video and the different thing is to have a business interview! You cannot disagree that you should not impress your potential employer with a song or guitar play unless you are looking for a job as a music teacher.

It would be great to avoid such topics as money, religion, sex, and politics with people you hardly know. You never know whether your viewpoints coincide and how another person reacts to your questions or position about them. Always remember who is in front of you! Choose the topics to discuss and even your vocabulary depending on the age and status of your opponent. Naturally, you cannot discuss the same topics with a teenager or an aged person.

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