What Is an Acupuncture Degree? Why Do I Need It?

By | February 18, 2024

Become a professional acupuncturist with a UK-recognised degree. Study acupuncture in a traditional and culturally rich environment at the Acupuncture Academy, London.

What is an Acupuncture Degree?

The main goal of the Acupuncture Academy is to equip you with a qualification that makes you an expert in traditional Chinese medicine.

You’ll learn the knowledge, skills and insights you need to pass a professional exam that will qualify you to work as an acupuncturist. The course also helps you understand acupuncture treatment, its procedures, anatomy and physiology.


Section 2: Training and Certification

Every student starts the program by learning about traditional acupuncture and the acupuncture academy and the history of its inception.

The first level is a one-year foundation course that allows you to acquire the basic knowledge, skills and experience needed to successfully complete the program.


Why do I need an acupuncture degree?

Although there is a growing body of research on the role of acupuncture in a variety of disease states and conditions, there is still much more to understand.

This is where a course in acupuncture training can provide significant value. These degrees are a fantastic introduction to this ancient medical tradition, making it easier for students to integrate traditional healing practices into modern healthcare.

Becoming a professional acupuncturist also comes with a whole raft of career opportunities. From start-ups to NHS departments, and private practitioners to fitness studios, you could be part of an exciting future.

Who is the Acupuncture Academy?

The Acupuncture Academy is the only professional acupuncture university in Europe, and the only professional acupuncture qualification for healthcare professionals in the world. Our students, doctors, nurses, chiropractors and therapists come from over 30 different countries, many of whom have already had a clinical acupuncture experience prior to coming here.

Our Course

The Acupuncture Academy was established by a group of healthcare professionals in the UK who came together in the spirit of bringing the benefits of acupuncture to healthcare professionals and patients alike. We offer a distance learning online Master’s Degree in Acupuncture, which follows a 2-year foundation year. The course is online-based and students take up to one year to complete it.

What makes a good acupuncture school?

Where can I start my studies?

Learn more about the London Acupuncture Academy.

It’s About Time!

6 Acupuncture Schools Named in the top 50 in the UK

The top UK Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine schools offer the right choice of courses for everyone, whether you are going to acupuncture school for the first time, or returning for the first time to a more in depth study.

Aviva UK based Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (AOM) Magazine has rated and analysed the top acupuncture and oriental medicine (AOM) schools based on quality of their teaching, inclusion of theory, and accreditation by a reputable body such as The Acupuncture Council Of Great Britain.

The results have been published in a new book called ‘Best UK Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (AOM) School of the Year’.

How long does it take to get my acupuncture degree from the academy?

The Academy of Traditional and Creative Acupuncture (ATCA) expects to offer its inaugural undergraduate degree, the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), in 2015.

What does an acupuncture degree entail?

Taking the six-year BSc/Hons degree course at ATCA, you’ll be able to:

Train to become a fully qualified acupuncturist working in the UK with your own clinic

Know how to administer acupuncture treatments to a wide variety of conditions

Develop an in-depth understanding of Chinese medicine

Bachelor’s degree candidates will be taught by highly qualified lecturers from top universities. You’ll also be able to visit and work at your chosen hospital in a supported hospital placement.

How much does it cost to study at the academy?

There are 4 main modules in the Acupuncture Academy’s teaching programme, each taking a year to complete. The cost of the programme is £9,250 and for students who need to borrow any money, there is an interest free repayment scheme.

It’s also worth noting that these courses are very popular and there are usually hundreds of applicants. All of the faculty members at the Academy are fully qualified in acupuncture and are known to be very passionate and knowledgeable about their subject. You can see more information about the curriculum and the faculty here.

Can I study acupuncture in Scotland?

UK study offers a wide range of studying options.

Where can I study your course in person?

The Acupuncture Academy in London is the UK’s largest acupuncture university. With 12 international, state-of-the-art acupuncture teaching studios, 12 student accommodation buildings and 5 state-of-the-art acupuncturist hostels, The Acupuncture Academy is the best place to learn from the best. We have 28 offices around London, so we’re really accessible for students.

Where can I study your course online?

Do your research and choose a student accommodation close to a campus. Many students opt for the ‘dorm with a view’ which gives you the opportunity to make new friends and get to know local people. Click here for our breakdown of our teaching studios.

Where can I study your course online?

The Acupuncture Academy’s modern acupuncture masters degree is one of only a few academic acupuncture programmes in the world to be completely distance-based. Read the Acupuncture Academy’s “Fact Sheet” to see how this works.

How do I apply for a place?

We always welcome applications from people who are interested in acupuncture. Read our application form and get in touch to find out more.

How do I know which admissions criteria have been met?

The Acupuncture Academy uses a combination of academic and clinical measures to assess applications and pre-screen those we consider for interview. Read more about our admissions criteria here.


So that’s the facts and figures. But why does acupuncture provide hope to a majority of people? The simple answer is, because of the individual circumstances of the patient. With acupuncture, a treatment which provides pain relief for many is given to someone who is having a very bad time with their mental health, or perhaps is an addict.

It’s surprising how few people know about acupuncture and how poorly patients are advised about the treatment. As well as being dangerous for patients, if it is given as part of the correct clinical protocol the likelihood of a negative outcome, where no pain relief is given, is quite high. This is not a problem that has existed for all of our history, but it does now.


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