Top 10 Best Paying Warehouse Positions

By | February 21, 2024

Best Paying Warehouse Positions – What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, maybe you want to be a warehouse worker who makes $35/hour with lots of overtime and benefits. Maybe you want to be a shipping and receiving clerk or order picker who earns $21/hour. Or maybe you’re interesting in being a forklift operator, earning $45/hour with low-stress work that doesn’t require much physical activity. The following are the top 10 best paying warehouse positions based on average pay per hour.

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If you’re interested in working in warehouses, millions of people are searching for warehouse jobs. It can be difficult to find the right position, but we’ve done the legwork and found you a list of the best warehouse positions that will get you top pay. Whether you want to work in a distribution center or a logistics company, these warehouse jobs may be perfect for your skillset and salary needs.

Warehouse Jobs

Warehouse Associate: $36,000/yr
Warehouse Worker: $25,000/yr
Transportation Manager: $65,000/yr
Transportation Driver: $30,000/yr
Receiver: $44,000/yr

. Warehouse Worker

The average warehouse worker earns $28.14/hour, with some earning up to $35/hour. The hours are irregular, which is an appeal, but you need to be able to lift heavy objects and have a knack for inventory management.

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. Shipping & Receiving Clerk

In this position, you’ll be responsible for receiving and distributing materials from the warehouse to shipping areas. You will also process and distribute incoming shipments and store goods in the warehouse.

Average Pay: $21/hour

. Order Picker

The average order picker at a retail warehouse earns $21/hour.

. Forklift Operator

This is a physically demanding job that requires lifting heavy objects and pushing or pulling them. Forklift operators generally work 10 hours per day with no overtime, but they can earn up to $45/hour during peak times.

. Shipping & Receiving Supervisor

Average annual salary: $51,000

The shipping and receiving supervisor helps coordinate and monitor the stock in a warehouse. They are responsible for overseeing the flow of goods into and out of the warehouse as well as tracking inventory. This can include scheduling and delegating work to other workers. The supervisor also monitors efficiency in order to increase productivity.

. Warehouse Manager

The average warehouse manager salary is $47,000 per year. The job description for a warehouse manager includes responsibilities like overseeing employees and establishing policies and procedures. They are responsible for meeting deadlines set by upper management to reduce costs and increase profits.

. Warehouse Clerk

The warehouse clerk position offers a starting pay of $14.00 per hour and a median hourly rate of $19.02. Warehouse clerks are responsible for receiving, sorting and processing incoming products as well as shipping out outgoing products.

. Quality Control Inspector

When you grow up, you can be a quality control inspector. This position is responsible for inspecting and testing materials to ensure they meet specifications. You will also inspect the final product and make sure it meets customer satisfaction standards. The work is generally done outdoors in a warehouse environment.

Average Hourly Pay: $23/hour

. Warehouse Cleaning Supervisor

A warehouse supervisor is responsible for the safety and management of workers and the entire facility.

Warehouse Cleaning Supervisor: $35/hour

Shipping and Receiving Clerk: $21/hour

Order Picker: $16/hour

Forklift Operator: $45/hour

Material Handler: $32.00-37.50/hour

0. Warehouse Safety Officer

: $37.06

Warehouse Safety Officers are responsible for maintenance and operations of the warehouse, including ensuring safe operations and compliance with all regulatory requirements. This position has a high demand so you might be able to negotiate a higher salary than average, but it comes with a lot of responsibility and no set schedule.

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