Top 10 Best Tech Companies to Work For

By | February 1, 2024

As the tech industry continues to grow, so does the number of companies looking to hire employees. Companies are competing for top talent by offering new perks and benefits like flexible work hours and unlimited vacation time.

In order to stand out from the competition, tech companies are implementing a new strategy in creating a culture where employees want to stay for years to come.

A company’s culture is exactly that, everything that makes it unique. The best tech companies have an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and alignment with company values (and not just because they read it in a job description).


Working at one of these top tech companies isn’t just great for your career. It can be a game changer as far as future job opportunities go.

Working for a tech company can be an amazing experience. These companies are home to some of the most creative minds in the world and they go to great lengths to create a culture that attracts top talent.

The tech industry is constantly on the lookout for the best and brightest. Companies vie for top talent by creating work environments that are flexible, innovative, and rewarding.


Working with your peers is a critical part of maintaining a healthy company culture so many tech companies have offices open to anyone who wants to work there.

If you’re interested in joining one of these companies, check out this article for information on how much they pay, benefits offered, preferred hiring age groups and more.

What You’ll Love About Working for a Tech Company

The tech industry is always innovating and seeking new ways to connect with and engage their customers. This constant desire to bring new experiences to life makes it a great place to work.

It’s also a place where employees can have a huge impact. Some tech companies are focused on improving specific products and industries, while others are tackling broader problems through technology.

Regardless of your area of focus, you’ll likely find yourself working on exciting and impactful projects.

You’ll also likely have the chance to work with a diverse team of people from all walks of life who are focused on making the world a better place.

The Bad News

Working in tech can be a great experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. For one, many employees work remotely, meaning that you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively across time zones.

Some jobs require significant travel, which can be difficult for a family. Tech jobs also tend to be high stress, with many employees reporting higher than average levels of stress.

Top 10 Best Tech Companies to Work For

With such a large number of tech companies in the world, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. To make your decision easier, we’ve outlined the top ten best tech companies to work for.

1. Bitrise.

Bitrise, a popular DevOps platform, is a thriving global hub of web development innovation. If you enjoy working iteratively and collaboratively, this could be the place for you.

Bitrise currently provides bi-annual bonuses based on company performance, a professional development stipend, and the chance to change the way mobile apps are built.

2. Grover Games.

Grover Gaming was ranked second on Glassdoor’s list of the best small and medium companies to work for in 2022, and it has received Inc Magazine’s prestigious Inc 5000 award on multiple occasions.

The North Carolina-based startup has truly invested in its workforce, with an empathetic and honest company culture and it has paid off.

3. Hopin

Hopin is an all-in-one event management platform that has been named a top startup by LinkedIn for 2021. The company was founded in London, but it went completely remote in 2019 and now hires global talent from all over the world.

Becoming a “Hopinner” entitles you to benefits such as a $1000 USD home-office setup allowance and a $100 monthly remote work stipend.

4. Lokalise

Lokalise is an industry-leading localization and translation platform that employees praise as a great place to work (not many companies have a 4.9 Glassdoor rating).

Lokalise works with high-profile companies and provides numerous opportunities for creativity and innovation, in addition to a smorgasbord of perks that encourage work-life balance and personal development.

5. Deel

Deel is a trailblazer in the field of remote working. Their platform assists businesses in hiring, onboarding, and paying employees in remote, distributed, and international teams.

In addition to being remote-first, Deel gives its employees the option of where they work and access to the company’s global WeWork membership program.

6. CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry, based in Berlin, provides accessible online career-change courses for the technology industry. For all Germany-based employees, the company provides remote-first work, flexible working hours, a generous work from abroad policy of up to 6 months per year, 30 days off per year, and they’re trialing a reduced hours work week.

7. Hubspot

While industry-leading CMS Hubspot is technically a hybrid company, they have a growing roster of talented remote employees based all over the world and an inclusive culture to back them up.

Hubspot is also ranked second on Glassdoor’s list of the best companies to work for in 2022, so it’s worth looking into their remote opportunities.

8. HotJar

Perks abound at HotJar, and time away from your desk is not only permitted, but actively encouraged. Employee benefits include 40 vacation days, a €2,000 annual vacation budget, and a €2,400 yearly wellness stipend. Almost everything you need for a healthy work-life balance.

9. Buffer

Buffer also offers asynchronous working to support the company’s ‘work from anywhere’ policy, unlimited PTO, and paid sabbaticals.

Above all, the company provides the much-desired four-day work week (with no impact on salary). An initiative that has recently been shown to increase employee productivity and improve mental health.

10. Asana

With perks like remote working programs, paid sabbaticals, and generous parental leave, Asana promotes a healthy work-life balance.

They’ve also taken steps to combat workplace burnout, including a team of in-house mental health advocates and real talk sessions,’ which provide employees with a safe space to discuss their experiences.

These companies are hotbeds of creativity and innovation, which means that employees are likely to have an impact as they work towards solving problems in new and creative ways.

These companies also offer a lot of flexibility, making it easier for employees to balance their professional and personal lives. If you feel like you’d love to work for one of these companies, now is the time to start researching potential positions.

How Much Does a Tech Job Pay?

Tech companies pay well. Some of the best tech companies to work for offer salaries in the mid $100,000 range, while top companies can offer six-figure salaries.

However, salary is only one piece of the compensation puzzle. Tech companies also offer a variety of benefits, including health insurance and other perks that can make these positions more than just a paycheck.

It’s important to take all of these factors into consideration when deciding where to look for a new job.

Flexible work policies

Tech companies love to give employees the opportunity to work remotely. In fact, some companies have offices open to anyone who wants to work there.

Open offices can be a great way to connect with your colleagues and help keep the office feeling lively. Remote work also has advantages, like the ability to work around your family’s schedule and not having to deal with the stresses of commuting to work.

Generous vacation time and paid holidays

Tech companies are known for their generous vacation policies. In fact, some companies offer employees the opportunity to take regular, paid vacations.

Vacations are a critical part of an employee’s life. They give you the time off that you need so that you can relax, spend time with your family or focus on yourself. You deserve to take time off from the grind, so don’t feel hesitant to put in for the time off that you need.

Great healthcare benefits and perks

Tech companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their employees’ lives. As such, many companies offer healthcare benefits like dental, vision, and health coverage.

Tech jobs are also common in urban areas, so many of these companies also offer commuter benefits, which can reduce the financial burden of commuting to work. If you work for a tech company, it’s a good idea to check to see if they offer any other benefits.

Bottom line

Tech companies are a unique mix of creativity, innovation, and challenge. You’ll find yourself working on exciting and impactful projects with a diverse team of people from all walks of life.

Tech companies also offer some of the highest salaries in the country, generous benefits, and the opportunity to work from home.


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