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By | February 4, 2024

Melbourne is a city with a rich history. Referred to as the “Cradle of Melbourne”, it has been home to people of diverse cultures and religions for centuries.

Today, Melbourne offers students a variety of universities that offer world-class programs and unparalleled research opportunities. From universities that focus on business and law to those that concentrate on humanities and sciences, there is a university in Melbourne that will suit your needs.


Melbourne is one of the most popular cities in Australia. With a population of over 2 million, it’s no wonder that the city has a wealth of universities and colleges.

From highly ranked universities such as Monash University and The University of Melbourne to lower-ranked universities such as Deakin University, Melbourne has something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a reliable university that caters to a specific area of study or you’re just curious about which one of Melbourne’s universities is the best, we’ve got you covered.

Why Study in Melbourne?

Melbourne is home to world-class colleges and institutions as cited numerous times in different international university rankings. A student wanting to get a quality education will benefit from the high standard of education and a wide variety of quality course selections.

Not just that, Melbourne also ranks as the most liveable city in the world for 6th consecutive time. It boasts its successes in providing stability in healthcare, culture, environment, education, and infrastructure.

Also, studying in Melbourne will expose you to a vast network of people with a diversity of cultures. Being home to international students from over 200 countries, Melbourne’s friendly atmosphere gives international students a boost to make friends and make the most while living in Melbourne.

Another great thing about being a student in Melbourne is that you are not restricted to seek help only from the university. The local government of Victoria, non-government organizations, and charitable organizations also offer assistance to international students in various issues like work, health, studies, sports, and many more.

It is also remarkable that qualifications from educational institutions in Melbourne are recognized globally, which means that a degree from a Melbourne university will help you find a job in almost any country.

Melbourne’s world-leading universities are equipped with cutting-edge facilities, an internationally experienced faculty, and fantastic student services. These universities also provide their students with the opportunity to make their mark in prominent research and innovation facilities.

What Are The Best Programs To Study In Melbourne?

You might be fascinated with the idea of studying in Melbourne, with all the benefits listed. However, you might be wondering what programs are the best to study in Melbourne.

So, let’s talk about the best programs to study in Melbourne. Melbourne is known to be one of the best places with the best undergraduate and graduate programs in the whole of Australia.

For the most part, if you are an international student with a language background that is not English, then, Melbourne is the best place to study English. Most universities in Melbourne offer this through Second Language Programs (ESL).

Also, most universities in Melbourne, also known as Victorian universities, also offer the International Baccalaureate, an internationally recognized secondary school qualification.

Generally, here is a list of the best academic programs that Melbourne universities offer:

  • Vocational education and training (VET)
  • Distance Learning or External Courses
  • Doctoral Programs
  • Masters Programs
  • Bachelor degree Programs

How Many Universities Are in Melbourne?

There are over 7 universities located in Melbourne, with over 34 campuses. Melbourne universities teach 277,000 students in total, including 91,000 from overseas.

So, of the 51 campuses on the state list, 34 are in the Melbourne metro area. 5 Australian universities based outside Victoria have a campus in the state.

What Is The Cost Of Studying in Melbourne?

Studying in Melbourne has almost the same cost as studying in Australia.

According to Study in Australia, the official government site for international students, the typical annual tuition fees for international graduate students are: Master’s degree – AU$20,000 (US$14,400) to $37,000 (US$26,600); Doctoral degree – AU$14,000 (US$10,060) to $37,000 (US$26,600).

According to, the average tuition fee for international undergraduate students was AU$30,840 (~US$22,170) per year in the previous year and AU$31,596 (~US$22,700) for international postgraduates.

What Are The Best Universities in Melbourne?

Most universities in Melbourne are internationally recognized for quality education. So, here we are going to explore some of the best colleges to study in Melbourne.

If you are thinking of studying in Melbourne, Australia, you should consider these universities because they offer the best programs in Victoria. And, of course, they reside in the most liveable city in the country.

For our ranking criteria, we check the programs they offer and their accreditation.



#1 University of Melbourne

Founded in 1853, the University of Melbourne (Melbourne Uni) is Australia’s 2nd-oldest university and is the most prestigious college. The University of Melbourne is a public research university located in Melbourne, Australia.

There are 10 colleges located on the main campus and in nearby suburbs offering academic, sporting, and cultural programs alongside accommodation for Melbourne students and faculty.

The University of Melbourne often ranks as Australia’s top university in world rankings. Over 46% of students at the University of Melbourne are international students. They also have a population of over 57,000 on-campus students and 17,800 international students.

This college is officially accredited by the Department of Education and Training, Australia.

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#2. Monash University

Founded in 1958, Monash University is the second oldest university in the state of Victoria and the largest university in Australia. It is named after the engineer, military leader, and public administrator Sir John Monash.

Monash University ranks 88 in the world in the latest QS rankings and is the largest university in Australia. It has further built a reputation on career-focused degrees, the highest academic standards, and research that makes a difference.

It is one of Australia’s leading research universities and has five campuses in Victoria (Clayton, Caulfield, Berwick, Peninsula, and Parkville), as well as one in Malaysia, a research and teaching center in Prato, Italy, a graduate research school in Mumbai and a graduate school in Suzhou, China.

They have more than 6,000 courses spread over 10 faculties. It is also home to over 120 research centers and institutes and some of the university’s most notable research achievements.

89% of Monash graduates are employed within six months. Also, international students can undertake internships and professional year programs after they finish their degrees. This happens through Monash College’s Professional Pathways Australia program.

It is fully accredited by the Department of Education and Training, Australia.

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#3. La Trobe University

La Trobe University’s origins can be traced back to the post-World War II era where the country pushed towards increasing higher education facilities, even before 1964.

Its main campus is based on the Melbourne suburb of Bundoora and covers 267 hectares of parkland, complete with waterways and a wildlife sanctuary, making it the largest metropolitan campus in Australia.

There are two other campuses in Bendigo and the twin border cities of Albury-Wodonga.

There are also two smaller regional campuses in Mildura and Shepparton and three campuses in central business districts: two in Melbourne on Franklin Street and Collins Street and one on Elizabeth Street in Sydney.

La Trobe University has over 36,000 students and it is one of Australia’s leading research universities, with particular strengths in microbiology, biochemistry, cell biology, veterinary sciences, historical studies, and archaeology.

It is fully accredited by the Department of Education and Training, Australia.

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#4 Victoria University

Victoria University (VU) ranks in the top 2% of universities worldwide and 56 in the world’s top 200 universities under 50 years. This ranking makes it by far the best school to study in Melbourne.

More than 40,000 students enroll to study various courses at Victoria University, delivered across an expansive urban footprint occupying eight Melbourne campuses – including three in the city center – and the ninth campus in central Sydney.

With an international student population of some 14,400 students from over 100 countries, Victoria University is a globally connected university.

It is hence fully accredited by the Department of Education and Training, Australia.

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RMIT University – Melbourne - Australian Centre

#5. RMIT University

Established in 1887, RMIT University is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the urban setting of the large city of Melbourne, Victoria.

This college has also branch campuses in the following location(s): Bundoora, Brunswick, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi.

RMIT University (RMIT) also offers courses and programs leading to official higher education degrees in several areas of study.

It is fully accredited by the Department of Education and Training, Australia.

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Deakin University (@Deakin) / Twitter

#6 Deakin University

Deakin University is a non-profit public higher education institution that resides out of the city and into the suburbs of Melbourne.

This best college in Melbourne is fully accredited by the Department of Education and Training, Australia.

Deakin ranks among Australia’s top 10 universities overall. Deakin rates highly for teaching quality.

It is also a well-recognized university with a good academic reputation. This college grants its students greater access to higher education by providing the opportunity to study close to home in a supported tertiary environment.

A number of courses are available at each center and are delivered via state-of-the-art technology.

Deakin University is one of Australia’s leading universities with attractive campuses in Burwood (Melbourne), Geelong Waterfront, Warren Ponds, and Warrnambool.

One of the most recent achievements is the involvement of Assoc. Prof. Tania de Koning-Ward, from the School of Medicine, in discovering a chink in the life cycle of malaria, offering hope for the development of new treatment options.

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Swinburne University of Technology

#7. Swinburne University of Technology

The Swinburne University of Technology is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the suburban setting of the large city of Hawthorn, Victoria.

This top college in Melbourne has also branch campuses in the following location(s): Melbourne, Kuching.

It is officially accredited by the Department of Education and Training, Australia. And, it is a very large coeducational higher education institution.

As a matter of fact, Swinburne University is a vocational university. Professional organizations endorse their postgraduate courses. And, these postgraduate programs are designed with your career in mind.

Hence, postgraduate students graduate with both advanced theoretical knowledge and the skills that employers are actively seeking.

Many postgraduate students will also have an opportunity to undertake supervised project work or will work on projects with their own employers.

In the areas of research, Swinburne has led advancements in solar sciences, advanced manufacturing, and sustainable technologies.

They also have research strengths in a diverse range of disciplines across 16 research centers. That’s why Swinburne attracts highly qualified academics and educational leaders.

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What are the Best Engineering Universities in Melbourne?

Here, we have gathered a list of the best engineering universities in Melbourne, in case you are thinking of studying Engineering.

So, in Melbourne, the best universities that offer engineering courses are:

  • Melbourne School of Engineering
  • Monash University
  • RMIT University
  • La Trobe University, Melbourne Campus
  • Swinburne University of Technology

What are the Best Universities in Melbourne For Business?

Business degrees and MBAs are among the most common programs offered by colleges and universities in Melbourne. And with growth in the job market of many businesses, studying in the right college will go a long way to give you a stable business career.

So, here are the best universities in Melbourne for business students:

  • University of Melbourne
  • Monash University
  • RMIT University
  • La Trobe University, Melbourne Campus
  • Victoria University
  • Melbourne Business School

What are The Best Universities in Melbourne for Masters?

Every university in Melbourne actually offers master’s degree programs even for international students. But, the best universities to do a master degree program in Melbourne are:

  • University of Melbourne
  •  Monash University
  •  RMIT University
  •  La Trobe University
  • Victoria University
  • Swinburne University of Technology

What are The Best Universities in Melbourne for Law?

For law students, it’s important to research the best universities in Melbourne. This will help them make the right choice if they decide to study law in Melbourne.

So, the universities that offer the best law program in Melbourne are:

  • University of Melbourne
  •  Monash University

What are The Best Universities in Melbourne for Psychology?

Do you want to study psychology? Whether as an undergraduate or graduate student, there are some universities in Melbourne that are the best in psychology. These universities include:

  • University of Melbourne
  • Monash University
  • Victoria University
  • RMIT University
  • Deakin University
  • La Tobe University

What are The Best Universities in Melbourne for an MBA?

Getting an MBA can be very beneficial to your career in a lot of ways. You might have also considered doing an MBA program in Melbourne for a lot of other reasons.

So, here is the list of the best MBA colleges in Melbourne with an outstanding quality of education and placement rates after graduation.

  • University of Melbourne
  • Melbourne Business School (MBS)
  • La Trobe University
  • RMIT University
  • Victoria University

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What are The Best Universities in Melbourne for Nursing?

As the second biggest city in Australia, Melbourne has much to offer prospective nurse or healthcare professionals. With such a large and growing population, there is a significant need for qualified nurses of all specialties.

Becoming a nurse in Melbourne is a great career move, with demand expected to grow significantly in the upcoming years.

So, here are the best universities in Melbourne to prepare you for a great nursing career.

  • University of Melbourne
  • La Trobe University
  • RMIT University
  • Victoria University
  • Swinburne University of Technology


Many international students love to study in the best colleges in Melbourne because of cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high-quality education.

It also consistently ranks as the best liveable city in the world by students. So, we decided to share the best universities in Melbourne that can help you form a better career path.

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