MMI Preparatory School (MMI Prep) 2024: Acceptance Rate, Admission Tuition

By | January 17, 2024

MMI Preparatory School Acceptance Rate – MMI Preparatory School is a leading preparatory school for girls in the town of Beit Hanafa on the Nile River in West Nile District. We offer an excellent education and unique opportunities for girls to develop their skills and achieve success. We provide our students with the best possible environment and resources to meet the needs of their individualized and globalized future.

MMI Preparatory School Acceptance Rate - Best School News

We all know that getting admitted to a college or university is difficult. But what about getting into the best MMI preparatory school?
MMI preparatory schools are some of the most selective and respected institutions in the world. And with good reason: They offer the highest-quality education available for students who want to enter the top levels of business, law, and engineering.
But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our acceptance rate – and see for yourself how successful we have been in achieving this coveted status.

opting applications for the fall semester. With a population of over 1,000 students, MMI Preparatory School is one of the most selective schools in the city. However, with so many applications, we can only accept a limited number of students per grade.
We want to make sure that you have a great experience at MMI Preparatory School and that you receive the best possible education. If you are interested in applying to our school, please visit our website or send us an email at to learn more about our Admission Process.

About MMI Preparatory School?

If you’re looking for a top-tier school to prepare you for college, you’ll want to check out MMI Preparatory School. Located in the heart of New York City, MMI Prep is one of the most prestigious schools in the world. With a curriculum that focuses on rigorous academics and professional opportunities, you’ll be able to achieve your career goals while also learning about world cultures and history. You won’t regret choosing MMI Prep as your college preparatory school.

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MMI is short for Mining and Mechanical Institute. According to Wikipedia, it’s an independent, non-sectarian, coeducational day school in Freeland, Pennsylvania, United States.

The college was established in 1879 as the Industrial School for Miners and Mechanics by Eckley Brinton Coxe to provide technical training for area miners. Also, a 6-12 grade college preparatory

MMI Prep is known as a college preparatory school, providing a classical-based education, and curriculum that prepares students for success in college and in life.

The school provides an affordable education that blends rigorous academics, immersive extracurricular opportunities, and consistent character education. As a body, the school cherishes its commitment to character education.

Furthermore, Teachers join with students and parents from sixth to twelfth grade by tackling study skills and organization in middle school; navigating a social media-saturated world daily, illuminating the unknowns of the college admissions process in high school and everything in between.

Being the best public charter high school in Freeland, Pennsylvania, MMI Prep School provides its students with the opportunity to take Advanced Placement coursework and exams.

Every core course offered at MMI holds the Honors distinction, demonstrating the coursework is in-depth and comprehensive.

In addition, MMI offers multiple Advanced Placement courses designed to prepare students for college-level classes. Students are also offered a wide variety of electives to choose from, distributed across every core subject

According to the school’s website, MMI has an average of 95% of every graduating class moving on to college. And also has a student to teacher ratio of 8:1. Currently, many teachers hold a master’s degree in their specialty of teaching.

What does MMI school stand for?

MMI school stands for the Mobile Learning Interface. This is a unique educational platform that allows students to use their mobile devices to access various learning resources while they are in class. This includes books, lectures, videos, and other materials. It also allows teachers to manage student files and connect with students on a real-time basis. The Mobile Learning Interface was created by Google in an effort to make education more accessible and efficient.

Is MMI a public school?

Are you a MMI student? If you are, you may be wondering if your school is public. In most states, public schools are run by the government. This means that they are funded by taxpayers and they typically offer a good education for all students. However, there are some schools that are not considered public schools. These schools may be run by private individuals or organizations, and they may not have the same funding or educational opportunities as public schools.

MMI Prep School Ranking

According to Niche rankings which are based on statistics and millions of opinions from students and parents, MMI Prep School ranks at;

  • #43 in Best College Prep Private High Schools in Pennsylvania
  • #46 in Best Private High Schools in Pennsylvania
  • #75 in Best High Schools for STEM in Pennsylvania

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Student Life at MMI Preparatory School

MMI Prep School offers extensive extracurricular clubs and activities to encourage its scholars to pursue their personal interests and to grow into engaged citizens.

Students can choose to join one of more than 40 student clubs or to participate on one of 11 athletics teams.

Also, they can choose to make their summer vacation enjoyable and educational at the same time through annual Summer Camps.

All activities are student-led and are sponsored by MMI. Examples of student clubs and summer camps include:

  •  Crafty Messy Art Camp
  • Chemical Magic-Magical Microscope-Rocks & Minerals Camp
  • Ooey Gooey Science Camp
  • Camp Fairy Tale
  • Creative Engineering Camp
  • Asian Cooking & Craft Camp
  • Robotics Camp
  • Wonderful Wizardy-Magical Science Camp
  • Hovercraft-Design your own Egg Drop Car Camp
  • Legomaniacs/Claymation Camp

Examples of Clubs

Here are example of clubs activities that are avaliable in MMI Prep School:

  • Acoustic, Acapella, and Glee Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Bookmaking & Paper Crafts Club
  • Chess/Scrabble Club
  • Bowling Club
  • Everything 70’s Club
  • Explore STEM Club
  • Homework Club
  • Mah Jong & Avatar Club
  • Mid-School Envirothon Club
  • Video Game Club
  • Mid-School Memory Book Club
  • Minecraft Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Walking/Movie Club

MMI Student Literary Magazine

This is another extracurricular activity that is done in school and it also helps the student to grow academically. The magazine is filled with more than 100 pages of student-submitted poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art, and photography, and has rich content in it.

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However, the award-winning literary magazine is available for viewing. If you have questions about the magazine, you can please email the magazine advisor, Jennifer Novotney at For more information about the magazine, you can click on the button below.

MMI Prep Magazine

Mining and Mechanical Institute Prep School Athletics

At MMI, our athletic department plays an integral role within the school community to support the physical, moral, and emotional development of our students.

Character development through competition is the focus of our athletic program. the school strives and they are committed to promoting the ideals of sportsmanship, respect, leadership, integrity, and teamwork.

MMI has 17 different athletics teams in 8 different sports which include baseball, boys and girls’ basketball, cheer leading, cross-country, boys and girls’ soccer, softball, volleyball, golf, and tennis.

You can visit the website to keep up with their programs and scores.

Mining and Mechanical Institute Prep School Accreditation

This school is jointly accredited by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PAIS) and the Middles States Association Commission on Elementary & Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS)

MMI Prep School Address

MMI Prep School is located at 154 Centre Street Freeland, Pennsylvania 18224
Contact: 570-636-1108

School Website

MMI Preparatory School Academics

MMI Preparatory School offers high quality, comprehensive education for students in grades 6-12.

When it’s time for a student to go to college, MMI Preparatory School graduates are better prepared than most as a result of our curriculum.

MMI’s curriculum offers a challenging and rigorous college preparatory framework that mixes the basics of traditional education with advanced instruction and a vast elective course listing.

MMI courses are designed to provide unique opportunities for all students. Below is the Academic schedule for MMI Preparatory School.

#1. Middle School Curriculum at MMI Prep School

The core courses/programs which every student in grade 6-8 must take includes

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Foreign Language
  • Technology
  • Fine Arts
  • Health & Wellness
  • Classroom Guidance/Flex Periods

Below is the tabular schedule of Middle School Curriculum (Grade 6-8)

English Math Science Social Studies Foreign Language  Technology Fine Arts Health & Wellness Classroom Guidance/Flex Periods
6th Grade 6 English 6 Math Life Science World Cultural Geography Greek Information Literacy Chorus, Strings, and Art
(All students take all three)
Physical Education Classroom Guidance and Workshop
7th Grade Introduction to Literature Fundamentals of Math Earth Science Ancient Civilizations Latin I Technical Applications Chorus, Strings, and Art
(All students take all three)
Physical Education and Health Classroom Guidance
8th Grade Introduction to Literary Analysis Accelerated Algebra I or Pre-Algebra (Placement in 8th grade math is dependent upon performance on a diagnostic test) Physical Science Current Events Through History Latin II Technology & Design Strings, Chorus, and Art
(Students choose two)
Physical Education Classroom Guidance

Upper School Curriculum at MMI Preparatory School

To graduate from MMI Preparatory School, students must earn the following requirements

  • One English, Math, Science, and Social Studies course in each upper school year. Placement in Math is determined by the previous year’s course
  • Two consecutive Foreign Language courses (Language I & II, typically taken in 9th and 10th grades)
  • One Elective 1 course each in 10th and 12th grades
  • One Elective 2 and one Elective 3 course in both 11th and 12th grades
  • One Fine Arts course in 9th grade
  • One Health course in 9th grade and one Physical Education course and Guidance/Counseling course in each upper school year.

To get the tabular schedule of Upper School Curriculum (Grade 9-12), you can click on this link

#2. Assembly Program

Assembly Program (AP) is one of MMI’s most valued piece of curriculum. These programs are designed to provide each student with the opportunity to explore varied subject areas not typically studied in the classroom while exercising their public speaking skills.

As a student of MMI, you have to make at least one appearance in an assembly program each school year.

Students in grades 10 and 12 make their presentations in the first semester of the school year while students in the middle school as well as grades nine and 11 complete their assemblies in the spring semester.

In addition, the assembly program is designed to improve and enhance communication skills, which are important to students as they progress through high school, college, and beyond.

For more information about Assemly Program (AP) you can clink on this link.

#3. College Class Size

The average class size at MMI Prep School is 15 students. However, here is the total class size in each grade.

  • Sixth grade: 13
  • Seventh grade: 30
  • Eighth grade: 30
  • Ninth grade: 42
  • Tenth grade: 27
  • Eleventh grade: 31
  • Twelfth grade: 40

#4. Summer Academy

Summer is coming! (Really, it is!!) Time to think about MMI summer camps which are 2-5 weeks summer academy sessions.

New this year is Maker Camp which gives students the opportunity to be creative with everyday items and create a unique learning experience for their academic and artistic goals during the summer.

Also offering opportunities in robotics, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Art, Crime Scene Investigations, Egyptian Digs…and so much more!

What is the Cost of Tuition at MMI Preparatory School?

MMI award a substantial amount of tuition assistance each year. They strive to partner with families to make sure an MMI education is available to all students who qualify for admissions.

However, the School continues to strive to keep tuition affordable for everyone in order to give the students the opportunity for an MMI education.

However, the school accepts donations that are deductible to the extent permitted by law. There are several ways you can support Herron High School.

You can give online, through cash & check, through corporate matching gifts, Planned Gifs/Bequests, Investment Donations, and In-Kind Gifts.

Note: All tuition assistance awards are kept confidential and the names of our recipients are not disclosed.

Tuition and Fees

2022 tuition for sixth grade: $13,900
2022 tuition for seventh through 12th grades: $15,770

Click the button below for more information about the tuition fees


MMI Preparatory School Admissions Requirements

MMI has three main components to its admissions process and they can be completed in any order.

Part 1: Entrance Exam. This comprehensive examination assesses quantitative and verbal ability, reading comprehension, and mathematics.

Part 2: Admissions interview and tour. The interview is where we will discuss the results of the Entrance Exam, MMI’s curriculum, and take a tour with your family.

There will also be a few interview questions that will be asked of the prospective student.  This interview takes place in February.

Step 3: Submit the actual application for admission. The application deadline is February 1st and June 1st.

To submit your application and apply online, you can click on the button below.

Online Application

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use a working email and phone number to assure you receive the acceptance email and phone call.

If you have any admissions questions, please contact:

Marci Hosier
Director of Enrollment Management & Marketing
570-636-1108 Ext. 136.

Or you can visit the Frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) page to learn more by clicking the button below.


For further inquiries about MMI Preparatory School, visit the school’s official website by clicking the button below.


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