Five ways box clinics in India can help improve your health

By | December 22, 2023

Look for the health box clinic. Health ATM Box is the aggregation of the FDA/CE/ medical grade device that is combined with the HIPPA-compliant backend software. It helps to solve the problem of essential health checkups in rural and urban areas. 

Clinics on cloud Health Box are beneficial for those people who are living in a rural areas, and the hospital is located at a far distance. So when they want a regular awareness checkup, then there is no need to visit the hospital. In such circumstances, health boxes are helpful for them. 

This article consists of a compiled list of the ways in which the health box helps to improve health. 


Ways in which the health box helps

In this section, we are going you tell you some factors in which the health ATM box clinic improves health. Let us start to give the same information in detail.

1. 25 parameters instant health report

In the healthcare industry, parameters are used with the variable of the factual data such as date of recovery, age, measurements, clinic assessments, etc. it is often linked to the numerical characteristics and the statistical convention of the population. 

There is a total of 21 parameters that exist in general body checkups and four parameters in non-invasive blood. The entire parameters are BMI, body fat, start shredding weight, protein, body water, BMR, height, pulse, body temperature, fat-free height, and many more. 


2. Advance analytics dashboard for impact analysis

In this, 360-degree health assessments are used to filter the health data. All the data and advanced analytics are yielded, such as demographics, BMI, BMR, Blood sugar, and Blood pressure. This data analysis is determined whether the BMI, blood sugar level and Blood pressure of the persona are average or not. All the data and reports analysis are seen on the dashboards.  

3. Shared the medical records over WhatsApp and email

By using the Health ATM box clinic, intelligent reports are prepared in which the ten health parameters are mentioned of the particular person, such as eye concern, blood pressure, heart rate, concern on bone mass, body fat, cholesterol level, glucose, lean mass, HBA 1C, hemoglobin. These intelligent reports are easily shared with the person on their WhatsApp or email. 

4. QR-based health card

Clinics on cloud health cards give the digital storage of instant reports and medical records with the health care facility. Health care is assisted under the government initiatives such as the National digital healthcare mission ( NDHM). The main aim of using the health card is to create a digital platform for the health records of the Indian population. 

The benefits of using health cards in the medical industry are they give a graphical analysis, track heart vitals, lifestyle tracking on a daily basis, and EMR. 

5. AI-powered personalized Indian meal plan

AI-powered personalized Indian meal plans are used for a better nutritious and balanced diet. AI-based diet planning programs rely on software learning and data analytics to generate the meal plan for the particular digestive system. It is used to create a lifestyle revolution. a 

The personalized meal plan of humans is instantly shared on WhatsApp and email to make them aware of their health life. 


This article will deliver information on the health ATM box clinic. It puts the main focus on the ways such as parameters, health cards, AI-powered technology, medical record, data security, and many more ways in which the boxing clinic improves health. 

Would you like that box clinic is beneficial? Could you share with us in the comments section? 



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