Learn About the Pharmacy Technician Profession

By | December 22, 2023

A majority of the worldwide population is on medication. Sometimes it is for a life-threatening problem or it is just to help people function daily. Regardless of the reason, if a doctor prescribes a medicine to a patient, it requires someone to disperse it. This is where a pharmacy technician can help. They will be the ones to ensure that the patient gets the medication they need and that they are fully informed on how to use it properly. Pharmacy Technician Profession

Here is a brief overview of the pharmacy technician profession.

Who Are They?

These are the people who greet you when you arrive at your local pharmacy to obtain your medication. They will typically be dressed in white lab coats and will work behind a patrician to perform their tasks. Each pharmacy technician is an educated, skilled individual who has taken the time to learn what it takes to be able to handle the various medications that line the shelves within their area.


They have been trained to understand the composition of the medications and the different kinds of reactions they will have not only in the person’s body but also with any other kinds of medication they may be taking as well. It is up to these employees to ensure that the proper dosage is measured out and given to the patient after ensuring they understand how to take it properly and what problematic side effects to look out for while doing so. They are the front line when it comes to medicine and will sometimes be more knowledgeable on the matter than your doctor. Always consult with them before taking any new medications.

What Are Their Duties?

Pharmacy Technicians are responsible for the accurate preparation and distribution of medications to patients. They will be asked to perform calculations to ensure that the dosage prescribed by the doctor is correct. They will also have to prepare sterile medications for patients who may be required to inject their medication straight into their bodies. On top of handling medications, they will also be expected to process any billing claims with the patient’s insurance company prior to giving the medication so they know what to charge them for it.

Once purchased, the pharmacy technician will need to go over the customer’s medication with them, making sure they are fully aware of any side effects or issues that may arise while taking it. If the patient uses this pharmacy for all their medication needs, the technician will need to be able to see if there are any conflicts that may happen when they take the new medicine with their existing ones.


What Is the Required to Become One?

There are multiple ways to get the education and training necessary to become an optimal pharmacy technician. They include formal educational programs (standard in-class learning), online pharmacy technician training program, and on the job training too. Online courses offer the same kind of education as in-person courses, but are more flexible and offer many other benefits over in person classroom training. Regardless of whether you choose an online or “offline” program, the knowledge you get from these courses will make you an attractive candidate to employers. 


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