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By | January 13, 2024

Is Ghana Police forms out 2024? Is Ghana police recruitment form out? How can I join the Ghana Police Service? Is Ghana Fire Service form out? This page will give you answer to those questions and insight on how to obtain or apply for Ghana Police Service Recruitment 2024 as well as the requirements and other details here online.

It is thought that Some things are easier stated than done. Ghanaian citizens are well known for being patriots however absolute patriotism is determined in the men and women in uniform who stake their lives for others. Under a unified and uncontested command, they ensure that law and order are maintained in addition to the safety guarantee in the united states of america and from outside attacks. This mainly is the Ghana Police service.

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Many young citizens want to recognize with the team of professionals but sometimes lacks the knowledge on how to go about it, especially with the Ghana Police Service forms. 

Ghana’s police service operates in twelve departments: ten workers in ten regions of Ghana, one dedicated to the maritime and industrial site of Tema, and the twelve is the railway division and ports. Another department, the Marine Police Unit, is responsible for handling issues arising from the country’s oil and gas industry.

Ghana Police Recruitment Eligibility

According to the police, all applicants  must meet the following criteria before he or she can be eligible for the Ghana Police Service Recruitments

  • Applicants must be Ghanaian by birth,
  • must be Ghanaian not less than 18 years and not more than 25 years of age by April 1, 2020,
  • Height [173cm or 5.8ft for male and 165cm or 5.4ft for female]
  • Educational qualification as may be prescribed by the Appointment and Promotion Advisory Board of the Ghana Police Service
  • Applicant must have clean records from Criminalities
  • Must be medically fit by Police standard
  • must be of good character
  • be able to speak and write in fluent English Language
  • be knowledgeable in basic computer application
  • have an active e-mail account and mobile phone number
  • be ready to undergo basic Police training and other forms of training

Ghana Police Service recruitment application | Process 

Payment for police recruitment in Ghana is made through GCB Bank Limited. Interested candidates must purchase an application coupon from GCB Bank Limited. The coupon costs only GhȻ100. To purchase the coupon, the interested party must have a functional email address.

Enter your official name at the time of voucher purchase. After the purchase, you will receive a serial number and PIN code to access the online police application form on the portal.

Then Log in with your Serial Number and PIN to access the Ghana Police Service Recruitment portal and complete the Ghana Police recruitment forms. Follow the instructions carefully if you fill in the required fields to avoid disqualification.

The authority will begin preselection as soon as the request is completed. Candidates who meet the specified requirements will be screened and invited to other recruitment procedures at the centers of their choice. They undergo extensive physical examinations to verify their eligibility.

Note that Your academic papers will be validated and candidates will have to pass an aptitude test. As a result of this process, successful applicants undergo a medical examination to determine if they are fit for the Ghana Police Service. Candidates who have passed all stages will eventually be invited to police training.

This is an overview of Ghana Police Service recruitment application | Process 

  • Purchase of a voucher 
  • Get to the e-services online portal for the Ghana police recruitment forms
  • Enter the serial number of the purchased voucher and the pin and confirm that they are indeed yours.
  • Create a personal profile
  • Ghana police recruitment category –
  • Education background
  • Upload a passport sized photo of yourself.
  • Review your Ghana police service for
  • Submit your application

If the report tells you that the system has disqualified your application, worry not because reasonS will be there to tell you what eligibility test you failed. Should it be something within your control, you can change and retry applying again.

The second application, however, will require you to purchase another voucher as the initial one is already used in the disqualified application. Nevertheless, if you get a positive report, download and print it. You will be required to produce this report during physical screening.

Application Enquiries Online: Make Enquiries Concerning Your Application Here

Ghana Police Recruitment Form

The Ghana Police Recruitment forms are downloadable and it requires the applicant to fill in the blanks with truthful and factual information and for reasons of honesty. Ideally, the Ghana Police Service Forms will ask who the candidate is, his address, why he/she is interested in the job and what qualifications he has.

After crossing the Ghanaian police service, the recruiter can easily tell who is fit to work and who is not. Completing these forms then requires reading the understanding of the instruction.

It is important to note

  • Forms are not being sold for this recruitment exercise
  • Filling in of recruitment form is done online only.
  • The Police Service has not contracted any middlemen to recruit on its behalf.
  • Read guidelines thoroughly and carefully before filling the form
  • Do not submit more than one application; you will be disqualified if you do so
  • All academic certificates will be vetted at WAEC, and any applicant who is found to have presented forged document will be prosecuted
  • All correspondence with applications will be done through their e-mails only
  • Only shortlisted applicants will be invited for further processes.

Ghana Police Service Online Application –

Ghana Police Recruitment Deadline

Application portal for Ghana Police Recruitment 2024-2025 has not open yet. In this regard, We advise you to visit this page frequently for more update anytime the Ghana Police Service Recruitment opportunity is on.

Ghana Police Recruitment Sample Questions

Police exam questions for the aptitude test are drawn from different subjects including Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge.

Likely questions in the Ghana Police Recruitment Sample Questions from past police recruitment aptitude tests:
1) When was the Ghana Police Service (GPS) established?
ANSWER: 1894, Accra, Ghana
2) What are the objectives of the Ghana Police Service?
The Ghana Police Service as it is now called has as its motto “Service with Integrity”.
The functions of the Ghana Police Service as stated in the Police Service Act, 1970 [Act 350] of Ghana are as follows;
• Crime detection and prevention
• Apprehension (arrest) and prosecution of offenders
• Maintenance of law and order
• Due enforcement of the law
3). What is the Ghana Police Service motto?
ANSWER: Service with Integrity
4) What is the name of the Ghana Police Service IGP?
ANSWER: Search for a current answer
5) Who is the present Chief of Defense Staff?

The CDS is appointed by the President, in consultation with the Council of State of Ghana. The current CDS is Vice Admiral Matthew Quashie. He was appointed by President Mahama on 28 March 2013.


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