Global Cyber University: A New Era of Education and Technology

By | February 13, 2024

Global Cyber University is located in Korea. It is the best online university that emphasizes Korean traditions, academic excellence, and how to implement everything learned into daily activities.

The award-winning online university from Korea. Study Korean from anywhere in the world and prepare yourself for a life of global opportunity.

With a vision of preparing students to be world-ready, Global Cyber University has been nurturing talents who not only excel academically but also have a great appreciation of the Hallyu culture.


What is GCU?

Global Cyber University (G.C.U.) was founded to improve the worldwide education market with a unique online format. G.C.U. has been teaching English, Korean, and various other foreign languages to over 30,000 students from more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

What you can do with G.C.U.

You can choose from over 25 degree programs that include undergraduate and graduate programs that will lead you to a career in global technology.


The top part of your profile is the Global Career Portfolio. This section is where you will display all your experience and skills in various fields and sectors. You will also display your valuable experience in the classes you take at the university and your resume.

1. GCU is a new online university that prepares young Korean talent for the 21st Century global marketplace, fostering talent to become an asset of the new global society.

2. GCU has provided Korean students with a growing selection of Korean and English learning materials and exercises.

3. Since the inception of Global Cyber University, we have been tirelessly promoting global education and local Korean culture to serve the global needs of global culture.

4. The university has built the most advanced online learning platforms with the finest Korean professors from world-class universities and has been nurturing talents who not only excel academically but also have a great appreciation for Korean traditional culture.

GCU’s goal, vision, and mission

To provide people with global career opportunities, GCU aims to deliver the most effective and respected curriculum while engaging students with engaging and professional learning experiences. Global Education: Students will learn world cultures and languages that are preferred for global careers.

Students will learn world cultures and languages that are preferred for global careers. Global Skills: High-quality education with global job market demands.

High-quality education with global job market demands. Well-being: Global students will live and learn comfortably and will be capable of assimilating into Korean society and the global market.

Global students will live and learn comfortably and will be capable of assimilating into Korean society and the global market.

What we offer

Our courses emphasize academic excellence and multicultural competence. The graduation rate is 99%.

At the forefront of Korea’s technological achievements, we have a stable and clear online curriculum that integrates online technology, and integrates the contents from our two major universities, Open Minds and Sophia.

Best Courses in Various Fields

Online Dental Hygiene Specialist

The Dental Hygiene Specialist Degree Program is a complete course that covers the necessary information from the different aspects that shape the dental hygiene industry.

Our scholarship program

In response to the growing need for outstanding educational talent, Global Cyber University has implemented a scholarship program that helps students to gain an entry-level position in Korean companies through their academic achievement. It is a non-exchange scholarship program that guarantees successful applicant in the interview round. In addition to meeting the admission requirement, students need to register for the university by filling the scholarship application form. The online application must be submitted before the deadline date to qualify for the scholarship.

How to Register

You must have a high school diploma or its equivalent and a teacher certification certificate. The scholarship is restricted to applicants who have fulfilled these requirements.

The Korean tradition

Global Cyber University is a unique university that can be understood by people who understand Korean culture and who enjoy modern education.

In this university, the major subject is Korean language and Korean culture, and the study of science, social science, humanities, and liberal arts as well as mathematics and computers are done simultaneously.

Examination will be held based on major, age, and scientific ability of students. Special scores will be given to students who can comprehend and explain a particular language and to students who can explain Korean culture and history in the Korean language.

All students will have a research study group and have the chance to go to Korea together to study Korean culture and the rich Hallyu heritage.

Who can apply for GCU?

Students who intend to enter the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and prepare for careers in these fields. For more info, visit their Official Page

What are the benefits?

A chance to experience Korean culture

Experience a different culture in Korea.

Immersive virtual classes

Study with top-notch professors in Korea

Study Korean as your first language

Buy textbooks in your country

Student scholarship

Apply Online

This online school gives you the chance to learn Korean from anywhere in the world, the cost of tuition is minimal and courses will be completed in a short period. The courses are taught by our outstanding Korean professors who will guide you step by step through your education.

What are the degrees offered at GCU?

The degree programs offered at GCU include both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Programs of Study:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Korean Language and Culture

The Bachelor of Korean Language and Culture program prepares students for a broadening professional career and better understanding of the Korean culture and language.

Learn about Korean Culture

In our bachelor’s degree program, learn about Korean Culture with a knowledge of both the language and traditions.

Strategically utilizing the Hallyu (Korean Wave) and Digital to maximize your learning experience, you will become an expert in Korean culture.

Study language and culture

The Korean language is the most studied foreign language in the world. Learn Korean as if you were to acquire another native language.

Who are the professors at GCU?

Professors at Global Cyber University are experts in their fields and have extensive experience teaching foreign students. They spend time with international students on-site to provide insights on life in Korea.

Global Cyber University has hired some of the best professors in Korea, including the second best Taekwon-Do instructor in South Korea, being a Japan Verified Certified Teacher for English, and being a top martial arts consultant.

Why study at GCU?

Exclusive classes that provide high-level education and an opportunity to learn from Professors

The award-winning multi-media library to store thousands of resources

Students will also be given unlimited access to online courses and university papers for those of you who want to practice your skills

Easy-to-use Korean language test platform

Special holiday packages

Deutsche Welle Subject Matter Expert: Junghoon Cho

Junghoon Cho Study with Dr. Junghoon Cho

Junghoon Cho Bio

With over a decade of experience in international relations and two to three decades in higher education administration and teaching, Dr.


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