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By | February 21, 2024

Green Diesel Engineering, LLC (GDE), of Commerce Township, Michigan, has settled its case with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for emission violations. GDE advertised, sold, and offered for sale ECUs without proper exemptions to California

Section 1: Settles Emission Violation Case

On July 3, 2018, GDE settled the case for $520,000. GDE has also agreed to pay a $30,000 penalty and to stop selling

Section 2: The Unit Findings and Denials


Section 1: Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Section 2: California Air Resources Board

GDE will be prohibited from selling or marketing ECUs that are part of the affected line in California. Additionally, it will be prohibited from selling or marketing the affected line in any other state. GDE may sell or market any ECU that is not part of the affected line in California and sold or marketed in California after March 31, 2017. GDE may continue to sell or market the ECUs that do not require an exemption in other states or outside California. GDE is in compliance with all regulations.


The Best Company for Your Project

A lawsuit brought against GDE by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for emissions violations was dismissed this week, citing CARB’s lack of authority to regulate automotive ECUs or motor vehicle manufacturers. The court also determined that GDE’s actions to remedy the emissions violations were reasonable.

The Court also determined that the order for GDE to cease sale of its systems in California could be amended to include a fine for GDE to $40,000 per day from October 2016 to March 2017. GDE will retain its ability to market the mitigation system until the order is modified.

GDE, headquartered in Commerce Township, Michigan, manufactures and sells an engine management solution called the Green Diesel Vactor.

Green Diesel Engineering, LLC

and therefore the sellers are liable for the emission system components manufactured, and used, without CARB CARB will not recommend certifications based on the equipment. Further, GDE is prohibited from applying for certification until it complies with California and EPA compliance. Additionally, owners of the ECUs will receive a free software update and, in the case of conversion, GDE will retrofit the ECUs to the new vehicles.

“We take seriously our role as a manufacturer in the California state emission regulations,” said Joel McCuen, GDE’s president. “We understand the severity of the situation and are prepared to take the proper steps to correct the matter.

Commerce Township, Michigan

“We are pleased to resolve this issue quickly and

shouldn’t be a burden on our customers and the industry in the future.

GDE settled the case and will no longer be selling ECUs in the State of California. Our plans moving forward are to focus on compliance

compliance in California, and other states that do not allow

electronic waste.”

Cory J. Doane, Owner of Green Diesel, LLC

Based in Commerce Township, MI, GDE is a developer of product and service solutions for vehicles equipped with efficient, environmentally responsible diesel engines. Green Diesel offers OEM conversion kits to retrofit engines in Toyota and Lexus vehicles, as well as for many high-performance diesel vehicles and smaller engines. All are backed by Green Diesel’s popular warranty, including 24/7 customer support.


‘s environmental laws. GDE has admitted to the violations and paid a $5,000 fine. GDE has also agreed to discontinue any advertising or selling of noncompliant ECUs for automobiles or trucks, and to stop taking orders for vehicles or trucks with such noncompliant ECUs. GDE is not permitted to market any part or package of its vehicle-specific ECUs for the next three years in California. If GDE violates this settlement, it will be fined $10,000 for each violation.

Green Diesel Engineering has specialized in modifying vehicles with the

recovery hardware

of a diesel engine, primarily using the

New Diesel Technology

. GDE has carried the latest solutions for various factors such as, exhaust system modifications, dual-fuel systems, turbocharger upgrades, ECM and OBD upgrades, etc.

ECUs without proper exemptions to California

California’s emission standards. In light of these violations, GDE has agreed to pay a civil penalty of $25,000, perform $200,000 of non-emission control equipment, and place a system of emission control devices on their facility. These solutions will prevent releases of

green house gases into the atmosphere and control airborne pollution.


The American Midstream Transect is Hosted at Flint, Michigan.

The Midstream Transect is the network of midstream, upstream and downstream partners dedicated to the development and production of hydrocarbons. The Transect gathers, curates and interprets information, delivers knowledge and provides a forum for discussion and education among and between its members.

GDE advertised, sold, and offered for sale ECUs without proper exemptions to California

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Review

GDE corrected or suspended all violations.

Green Diesel Engineering also suspended advertising and selling its Eco-Mod Diesels with the California EPA registration number (APR 27163).

“The corrective actions that Green Diesel Engineering agreed to will provide certainty to consumers, dealers, and California retailers that the EPA approved ECUs do not trigger any emissions, compliant to California emission standards,” said Attorney Matthew Nelson. “Since the EPA-approved ECUs are only offered by GDE, dealers should be selling them, and consumers should be satisfied with the ‘right’ engine tune-up that results from such an installation.” Nelson has advised GDE of the settlement, and GDE is making no admission of wrongdoing.


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