32 Best High Paying Freelance Job

By | February 9, 2024

High Paying Freelance Job – Are you looking for a new way to make money? If so, a freelance job might be the perfect option for you. Freelance jobs can come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share one thing in common: they’re fulfilling and rewarding work. In today’s economy, it’s not easy to find an entry-level job that pays well and provides an enjoyable work environment. Instead, freelancing is becoming the best option for people of all ages and skill levels.

32 High Paying Freelance Job - Best School News

Freelance work has been on the rise in recent years. With the increase in freelance work, the number of freelancers has grown from 2.5 million to 3 million in just 7 years.


This form of work is mainly driven by millennials who are now looking for a creative, flexible and high paying job. Instead of following the traditional path that is set out for them, they are opting for a more independent career path by getting paid to do what they love. Here are some ways freelancing can be an attractive option for millennials with a lot of passion and drive.

What are freelance Job?

Freelance careers are jobs that you can do independently rather than working for a company. Freelancers are considered self-employed and can work on a contract or per-project basis. Consequently, freelancers are not eligible for employee benefits through the companies where they work and can work with multiple companies at a time.

What are the benefits of freelance careers?

Freelance careers offer a range of benefits for independent professionals, including:

  • Flexibility: As a freelancer, you can often set your own schedule and work remotely.

  • Job selectivity: Freelancers can choose the jobs that interest them most or offer the highest rate.

  • Self-managed: Freelancers avoid being supervised by other people and manage their own daily productivity and goals.

  • Workload: When working on a freelance basis, you can determine how much you want to work and accept or decline projects as needed.

  • Earning potential: Because you decide how much you work, your earning potential can be greater as a freelancer than working a traditional job.

High-paying freelance careers

Here are 32 freelance careers that pay at least $30,000 a year:

1. Nutrition consultant

National average salary: $31,533 per year

Primary duties: Nutrition consultants advise clients on how to meet their nutritional needs, taking into account any restrictions, allergies and health issues. Nutrition consultants can work with individual clients or companies and may become certified nutrition coaches.

2. Medical transcriptionist

National average salary: $32,427 per year

Primary duties: Medical transcriptionists transcribe audio notes, orders and other documentation from medical providers. They must be skilled typists and familiar with medical term. They should be able to work efficiently and independently.

3. Journalist

National average salary: $35,492 per year

Primary duties: Freelance journalists work independently to write and submit news stories for media outlets. They should be skilled at research, interviewing, writing and editing and should be assertive, well-spoken and confident.

4. Photojournalist

National average salary: $36,194 per year

Primary duties: Photojournalists travel to events and incidents to shoot photos and videos for news outlets. They must be flexible, familiar with editing software and technically proficient.

5. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $39,645 per year

Primary duties: Virtual assistants work for clients remotely to help with administrative tasks, such as managing emails, scheduling appointments, organizing digital files and updating content. They should be skilled in word processing, time management, organizational software and project management.

6. Illustrator

National average salary: $41,862 per year

Primary duties: Illustrators work with clients to develop images, such as drawings, sketches, paintings or renderings, to represent an idea or concept. They must be knowledgeable of artistic principles and digital design software and be able to meet deadlines.

7. Website administrator

National average salary: $42,793 per year

Primary duties: Website administrators ensure websites run smoothly. They design, update and manage websites to optimize user experience, monitor and maintain security, update software and troubleshoot issues.

8. Social media manager

National average salary: $44,774 per year

Primary duties: Social media managers create, update and manage companies’ social media profiles. They upload photos and videos, respond to comments, interact with followers and maintain content.

9. Graphic designer

National average salary: $44,503 per year

Primary duties: Graphic designers create images, graphics, logos, illustrations and layouts for many mediums, including web pages, physical products and advertisements. They work closely with brands to create visual representations of the company’s vision and culture.

10. Personal trainer

National average salary: $46,946 per year

Primary duties: Personal trainers create individualized exercise programs for clients. They design regimens to target clients’ needs, such as weight loss, muscle gain or athletic performance improvement. Personal trainers can work at gyms, recreation centers or travel to clients’ homes.

11. English as a second language teacher

National average salary: $48,381 per year

Primary duties: English as a second language (ESL) teachers work remotely to instruct and evaluate students learning English. They generally need a bachelor’s degree to work as a teacher.

12. Recruiter

National average salary: $48,780 per year

Primary duties: Freelance recruiters work remotely to research, interview and select candidates for companies with open positions. They should have strong communication skills and be able to meet deadlines.

13. SEO specialist

National average salary: $49,177 per year

Primary duties: SEO (search engine optimization) specialists work with companies to optimize websites and digital advertisements to appear in search engines. They are knowledgeable of internet best practices, basic coding, keyword research and algorithms.

14. Tutor

National average salary: $52,042 per year

Primary duties: Tutors work with students to supplement their learning in specific subject areas. They may also help students prepare for standardized tests or learn a language.

15. Accountant

National average salary: $54,544 per year

Primary duties: Accountants organize and manage finances for individuals and companies. They may assist with budgeting, tax compliance and filing, determining expenses and profits and making financial recommendations.

16. Email marketing specialist

National average salary: $55,713 per year

Primary duties: Email marketing specialists create and send marketing emails to client and customer lists. They perform tasks such as managing email databases, evaluating email effectiveness, designing email templates and promoting new products.

17. Marketing specialist

National average salary: $55,713 per year

Primary duties: Marketing specialists develop marketing strategies, design campaigns, consult on copy and graphics and evaluate marketing success. They work closely with copywriters, graphic designers, app developers, managers and clients.

18. Editor

National average salary: $57,094 per year

Primary duties: Editors are responsible for editing copy for spelling, grammar, style, format and tone. They work with writers to improve content and ensure copy adheres to company standards.

19. Social media strategist

National average salary: $57,410 per year

Primary duties: Social media strategists help companies integrate social media into their marketing and brand awareness campaigns. They may help create social media profiles, design advertising campaigns, identify target audiences, devise influencer contracts and respond to online comments and feedback.

20. Technical writer

National average salary: $57,499 per year

Primary duties: Technical writers are responsible for writing informational, educational and procedural content, such as instruction manuals, how-to guides, white papers and research papers. They should have an in-depth knowledge of their subject matter and be skilled in writing and editing.

21. Programmer

National average salary: $59,218 per year

Primary duties: Programmers are highly knowledgeable of programming languages. They write code that provides instructions for the computer, rewrite programs into different coding languages and update and optimize computer programs.

22. Public relations manager

National average salary: $59,321 per year

Primary duties: Public relations managers coordinate companies’ public-facing communications, such as press releases, press conferences, appearances, interviews and product launches. They work with executives, vendors and media outlets to cultivate brand awareness.

23. Copywriter

National average salary: $61,789 per year

Primary duties: Copywriters write content for marketing materials, such as websites, brochures, advertisements and advertorials. They must be able to work on multiple projects simultaneously, understand client needs and write in distinct tones and styles.

24. Yoga instructor

National average salary: $63,086 per year

Primary duties: Yoga instructors are fitness professionals who lead yoga classes at gyms and other fitness studios. They should be comfortable with public speaking, managing schedules and invoicing.

25. Videographer

National average salary: $69,389 per year

Primary duties: Videographers shoot videos for individuals and companies. They can create videos of special events or promotional materials to be used for commercials and websites. Videographers should be technically skilled, be knowledgeable digital editing software and have strong communication skills.

26. Human resources manager

National average salary: $71,303 per year

Primary duties: Human resources managers coordinate and oversee the administrative functions and staffing needs of an organization. They often manage recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding of new employees, as well as payroll systems, benefits packages and vacation scheduling.

27. Data analyst

National average salary: $75,067 per year

Primary duties: Data analysts manage and analyze large data sets for organizations. They identify trends, verify accuracy, ensure data is safe and create reports.

28. Photographer

National average salary: $76,627 per year

Primary duties: Freelance photographers work for individuals or companies to shoot images for marketing, events, portraits and special occasions. Photographers should be technically skilled to choose the appropriate equipment and settings and have strong communication skills to work with clients and subjects. They should be knowledgeable to digital editing software and secure data storage and transmission procedures.

29. Web developer

National average salary: $76,735 per year

Primary duties: Web developers are responsible for designing websites, software and applications. They have in-depth knowledge of programming languages, user experience, data management and internet best practices.

30. Voice engineer

National average salary: $98,977 per year

Primary duties: Voice engineers are professionals in the telecommunications industry who design and manage systems for VoIP (voice over internet protocol). Many voice engineers hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

31. Mobile app developer

National average salary: $118,056 per year

Primary duties: Mobile app developers create and maintain mobile applications. They are highly skilled developers with in-depth knowledge of programming languages and industry best practices.

32. Data engineer

National average salary: $132,466 per year

Primary duties: Data engineers create the framework for data hosting programs. They apply knowledge of coding languages, software and cybersecurity.

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