7 High Paying Hospitality Jobs in 2022

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and it is projected that over the next 10 years, there will be a demand for 27 million more employees in this field. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to being successful in this field. It takes a certain type of personality and skill set to succeed as a host or waitress.

The hospitality industry is not limited to restaurants, hotels, and resorts. There are many other opportunities such as cruise ship work and bartending that offer good pay and benefits. If you’re looking for a new career path, or if you’re just curious about what else there is out there, here are some high paying hospitality jobs that might interest you.

What is a hospitality job?

Hospitality is something that most of us don’t think about outside of restaurants, hotels and resorts. But hospitality is more than just a job–it’s a way of life. Hospitality encompasses countless industries and careers, ranging from event planning to luxury concierge services. Here are some careers in hospitality to explore!

A hospitality job is a career that involves working directly with customers in restaurants, hotels, theme parks and similar facilities designed for recreational activities. Although many hospitality positions are people-facing, some offer opportunities in background support, such as accounting, marketing and sales.

To work in hospitality, you generally need to have a strong desire to work with people and provide them with excellent service. You may regularly stay on your feet for long periods, especially if you choose a job in food service or attractions. Some hospitality positions also require specific skills. For example, those who want to work as cruise ship entertainers will typically benefit from developed musical abilities.

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Many people in the hospitality industry start in entry-level positions, but this is a field where individuals can move up to higher roles that offer larger salaries. You may need to pursue additional education to work in some of the highest-paying hospitality jobs, but many are available to those with extensive experience in the industry. In a higher paying role, you’ll likely be able to take on additional responsibilities that can help you build your skills in areas like people management and leadership.

7 highest-paying hospitality jobs

  1. Event manager

  2. Travel manager

  3. Sommelier

  4. Restaurant manager

  5. Hotel general manager

  6. Executive chef

  7. Casino director

1. Event manager

National average salary: $43,018 per year

Primary duties: An event manager’s duties may vary, depending on the industry in and company for which they work, but the main duties include planning, organizing and managing events of all sizes. In a corporate setting, an event manager might plan meetings with clients and companies to generate awareness of their brand.

When working for a hotel or entertainment venue, an event manager will work with clients who want to host their events at their location. They help arrange the logistics, such as catering, event space and accommodations for guests. An event planner should have an eye for detail, excellent communication skills and strong organizational skills to be successful.

2. Travel manager

National average salary: $46,028 per year

Primary duties: A travel manager works for a travel agency or large corporation to direct, operate and administer a travel program. The main duties often include making travel arrangements for business executives and other staff members, although they may work directly with clients to book personal travel through an agency.

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Travel managers usually work during regular business hours, although they may sometimes some weekends and evenings to assist with any issues that may arise while their clients are traveling. Other duties include evaluating travel services and deals, processing documents, arranging for accommodations and planning travel itineraries.

3. Sommelier

National average salary: $48,476 per year

Primary duties: A sommelier works in a restaurant or hotel to manage the wine offerings. Some of the most common duties include creating wine lists, maintaining and rotating the stock of wine, making suggestions of wine pairings to customers and waitstaff and ordering wine from vineyards and other providers. To become a sommelier, you should have a passion for wine and strong communication skills, as this role involves regularly talking to people. Sommeliers may also go through certification programs to show their knowledge of wine.

4. Restaurant manager

National average salary: $49,294 per year

Primary duties: A restaurant manager oversees the operations of a dining establishment. All types of restaurants have managers, although higher-end restaurants tend to offer higher salaries. In this role, an individual manages the staff of a restaurant, plans staffing for the kitchen and waitstaff, plans and develops the marketing strategy of the business, hires and trains new employees, evaluates staff performance, manages and updates the menus, controls costs and manages the budget and nurtures a positive environment for staff members and guests. Depending on the restaurant, the manager may also track and maintain inventory of food and supplies, participate in local events to generate awareness and develop loyalty programs for patrons.

5. Hotel general manager

National average salary: $50,313 per year

Primary duties: The general manager of a hotel is responsible for all aspects of the operations at the facility, including managing the staff, overseeing the guest experience and ensuring that all guests’ needs are met throughout their stays. A hotel’s general manager should also serve as a brand ambassador, supporting the culture and goals of the company. Daily duties might include holding regular staff meetings with department heads, planning and presenting to the hotel owner or managing company, setting budgets and goals, handling guest complaints and concerns, monitoring spending and financial outlooks and preparing reports.

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6. Executive chef

National average salary: $64,990 per year

Primary duties: Executive chefs work in kitchens in restaurants and hotels to oversee their daily operations. Their duties may include hiring, training and managing kitchen staff members, maintaining the quality of the food served, planning menus and drink pairings, making sure that all dishes are prepared correctly, promptly and freshly, coordinating tasks for other members of the team, reviewing and coordinating staffing and obtaining feedback on service and food quality. An executive chef may also be responsible for some of the administrative tasks of the restaurant, such as payroll or monitoring and maintaining inventory.

7. Casino director

National average salary: $142,302 per year

Primary duties: The duties of a casino director include making sure all operations run smoothly at the casino by monitoring guests, gaming machines, tables and employees. They also typically oversee the hiring, training and managing of staff, coordinate work schedules, walk the floor to observe profits and losses, enforce all house rules, review surveillance footage and help maintain a positive experience for guests. Casino directors benefit from developed customer service skills, which will help them properly handle guest complaints and concerns.

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