27 High Paying Job in Sewing Industry (With Salaries and Duties)

By | February 7, 2024

High Paying Job in Sewing Industry – If you’re looking for a high-paying job in the sewing industry, you’re in luck! Sewing is a profession that offers a lot of money and opportunities. In fact, according to the National Occupational Outlook Handbook, the sewing industry has the third-highest average salary of all occupations. This is particularly true for women, who often earn more than men for similar jobs. So if you’re interested in becoming a professional sewstress, there are many ways to make a lot of money.

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Sewing is a delicate and time-consuming trade. It’s one of the few jobs that requires a high level of skills and experience. However, it can also be a lucrative career. In the Sewing Industry, you can make a good income by working in a professional shop. There are many different sewers out there, so it’s important to find one that’s right for your skills and interests.


7 textile jobs in the sewing industry

Sewing is a popular profession that offers good money and great opportunities. However, before you start looking for a career in sewing, make sure you have the qualifications and skills necessary. Here are 27 high-paying jobs in the sewing industry that you can pursue.

1. Material handler

National average salary: $34,090 per year

Primary duties: A material handler is a logistics professional who manages raw materials for production lines. These handlers select raw materials and deliver them to their proper destination for manufacturing. Material handlers operate and maintain warehouse equipment, such as cranes or forklifts, to ensure the safe delivery of materials and products.


2. Production worker

National average salary: $35,087 per year

Primary duties: A production worker is a manufacturing professional who assembles or packages to complete a product in the manufacturing process. These workers load unprocessed materials onto conveyor belts and oversee manufacturing equipment performance to conduct routine maintenance. Production workers clean machinery and material by-products to ensure a clean and safe work environment.

3. Buyer

National average salary: $58,197 per year

Primary duties: A buyer is responsible for coordinating company purchases for equipment, products or materials. These professionals work in retail, manufacturing and other production industries to monitor purchase orders, material deliveries and market trends. Buyers evaluate historical and current purchase habits to anticipate company buying needs.

4. Logistics manager

National average salary: $60,694 per year

Primary duties: A logistics manager is responsible for organizing the workflow and production processes of a manufacturing company. These managers evaluate machinery and personnel performance to identify areas for improvement and optimize company resources. Logistics managers document incoming and outgoing materials or products to ensure accurate property inventories.

5. Researcher

National average salary: $70,442 per year

Primary duties: A researcher manages project studies for things such as product development or material fabrication. These professionals use a variety of research methods to conduct thorough and accurate research, along with producing informative data to guide company decisions. Researchers may perform experiments or fieldwork to develop manufacturing solutions or product designs.

6. Procurement manager

National average salary: $76,038 per year

Primary duties: A procurement manager is a logistics professional who develops purchasing strategies for buying or purchasing personnel. These professionals meet and discuss with vendors or suppliers to negotiate mutually beneficial transactions. Procurement managers evaluate company costs and profits to guide pricing strategies to improve return on investment figures and mitigate risks for company investments.

7. Quality control manager

National average salary: $86,141 per year

Primary duties: A quality control manager is responsible for examining manufactured products or parts to ensure that production quality complies with industry or company standards. These managers test manufacturing equipment and components to identify strategies for refining or optimizing machinery for improved product quality. Quality control managers evaluate manufacturing process procedures to determine performance and implement production goals or standards.

12 sewing jobs in the sewing industry

The following jobs are roles that specialize in sewing-related services:

1. Presser

National average salary: $28,838 per year

Primary duties: A presser manages ironing or steam pressing machinery to remove wrinkles, reshape or patch articles of clothing. These professionals use pressing equipment for dry cleaning or clothing repair services. Pressers may use irons to fuse cloth, along with using basic sewing techniques, to close tears in clothing.

2. Laundry attendant

National average salary: $30,921 per year

Primary duties: A laundry attendant oversees the handling of dirty clothes and other linens to sort, load and clean them. These attendants may offer additional sewing services to perform basic alterations, including hemming or patching. Laundry attendants ensure the maintenance of washing and drying equipment by checking load sizes and soap usage.

3. Weaver

National average salary: $34,449 per year

Primary duties: A weaver is responsible for operating manual or computerized looming tools to weave threads or other fabric materials. These professionals monitor loom performance to ensure that product quality remains consistent. Weavers program or set up looming equipment with bobbins, rollers and shuttles according to the manufacturing requirements for a product.

4. Alterations specialist

National average salary: $36,387 per year

Primary duties: An alterations specialist handles complex alterations with different materials or techniques. These professionals hem edges, insert darts and modify clothing patterns for outerwear, formal attire and casual clothing. Alterations specialists discuss with their clients to understand what they want to achieve with their alterations and plan how to complete it.

5. Upholsterer

National average salary: $39,147 per year

Primary duties: An upholsterer is a sewing professional that specializes in upholstering furniture and other large products, from couches to car seats. These professionals work with a variety of thick and durable materials to cover large surface areas for protection and design. Upholsterers may remove, replace or refurbish existing upholstery for their clients, along with performing preventative maintenance with sealants and other protective solutions.

6. Alterations manager

National average salary: $45,948 per year

Primary duties: An alterations manager is responsible for the alterations services and personnel within a retail store or business. These managers hire, train and supervise tailors within dry cleaners, alteration shops or clothing stores. Alterations managers assign tailoring tasks to personnel with the proper skillset to accomplish them and review their work to ensure quality.

7. Cutter

National average salary: $47,044 per year

Primary duties: A cutter is a manufacturing professional that specializes in tasks involving material measuring and cutting. These professionals may follow product patterns or create patterns to achieve the desired material shape for a product. Cutters may cut by hand or with cutting tools to cut multiple pieces of material at a time and ensure that the edges are clean for further production processes.

8. Tailor

National average salary: $50,991 per year

Primary duties: A tailor is a sewing professional who specializes in altering client clothing to fit their exact body measurements. These professionals measure clients in their clothing before alterations to pin and mark new seams or darts to tailor their clothing. Tailors follow their guidelines and client requests to alter the clothes and improve the fit to satisfy their client’s preferences.

9. Machine operator

National average salary: $56,917 per year

Primary duties: A machine operator is responsible for handling manufacturing machinery to create products and ensure a steady and safe workflow. These professionals may operate machines for sewing, cutting, printing, lifting or pressing. Machine operators inspect their machinery and perform routine maintenance on machine components to prevent potential malfunctions.

10. Seamstress

National average salary: $52,533 per year

Primary duties: A seamstress is a sewing professional who creates custom clothing or alters clothing to suit their client’s preferences. These professionals conduct fittings and take client measurements to establish how to construct or tailor an article of clothing for their clients. Seamstresses may design or create clothing for special events, along with clothing care services, such as ironing, dry cleaning or dyeing.

11. Pattern maker

National average salary: $60,856 per year

Primary duties: A pattern maker is responsible for evaluating product designs to determine dimensions and component pieces. These professionals use product data to establish a pattern to cut materials into the proper shapes and achieve the product’s intended form and function. Pattern makers may create clothing patterns for machines or personnel to cut pieces of material and sew them together.

12. Sewer

National average salary: $61,659 per year

Primary duties: A sewer is a sewing professional that sews a variety of materials by hand or with specialized machinery. These professionals may focus their skills on a particular sewing technique or material type, such as quilting, basting or leatherworking. Sewers use different needle and thread tools to bind materials together and produce a complete product.

8 fashion jobs in the sewing industry

The following jobs focus on fashion sales, marketing and distribution:

1. Retail merchandiser

National average salary: $39,572 per year

Primary duties: A retail merchandiser is responsible for determining product stock or inventory for a business. These professionals monitor sales performance and market trends to identify popular product categories or brands and anticipate customer demand. Retail merchandisers use their product and market knowledge to order stock that can maximize their sales.

2. Retail sales associate

National average salary: $41,899 per year

Primary duties: A retail sales associate is a sales professional who represents a company or brand to sell products like clothing, cosmetics, furniture or shoes. These associates greet customers and provide them with product, purchase or promotional information to assist them through a retail transaction. Retail sales associates maintain product inventories, coordinate purchase orders, stock product shelves and prepare displays.

3. Stylist

National average salary: $46,843 per year

Primary duties: A stylist is responsible for developing their client’s image and helping them achieve their desired look or impression. These professionals choose their client’s clothing, accessories, makeup and hair styling to establish a particular effect for personal or business purposes. Stylists may recommend personal shoppers, makeup artists or hair stylists for their clients to complete their intended style.

4. Graphic designer

National average salary: $51,088 per year

Primary duties: A graphic designer is a visual communication professional who develops media imagery for product design or marketing purposes. These designers may use a variety of digital or physical media, including photography, print design and animations. Graphic designers can draft three-dimensional models for their products to communicate their form and function to potential consumers.

5. Personal shopper

National average salary: $54,623 per year

Primary duties: A personal shopper is responsible for buying products for their clients within designated timeframes, budgets and other guidelines. These professionals may buy clothing for their client’s every day or special event use, along with bringing worn clothing to dry cleaning or alteration service businesses. Personal shoppers evaluate their client’s product needs and wants to anticipate what clothing they may need and understand how to style them.

6. Designer

National average salary: $61,763 per year

Primary duties: A designer develops visual and functional concepts through sketches and visualizations for their target customer base. These professionals can specialize in designing things such as accessories, shoes or ready-to-wear clothing. Designers study different design concepts to develop a style that suits their client’s image and intended message.

7. Sales representative

National average salary: $64,346 per year

Primary duties: A sales representative manages product or service sales by answering customer questions, providing recommendations and completing transactions to close a sale. These representatives research the product or service features, along with customer buying habits, to develop sales pitches and strategies that engage new or returning customers. Sales representatives may provide potential customers with samples, demonstrations or deals to encourage them to commit to a purchase.

8. Product designer

National average salary: $88,545 per year

Primary duties: A product designer oversees the visual concept development of a product, including materials, colors and accessories. These designers research product trends to identify popular design aspects and innovative features for new products or product improvements. Product designers evaluate product development costs and develop solutions to achieve an affordable, attractive and functional product design.


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