18 Highest Paying Manager Jobs in 2024

By | February 10, 2024

Highest Paying Manager Jobs – Are you looking for a new career? One with higher pay and benefits? If so, you could be a manager at a company. Let us show you how to find these high-paying manager jobs.
Almost half of the workforce is employed by companies that offer their employees opportunities for promotion, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And managers are most likely to see their salaries spike when they move from entry-level positions into management roles. So if you’re interested in managing people and helping them achieve their goals, then read on for some tips on how to land your first managerial position.

18 High Paying Manager Jobs in 2022

When it comes to finding a job, many people are faced with the dilemma of whether or not they should work for somebody else. You might be thinking, “Why would I want to work for someone else if I can be my own boss?” The answer is that there are certain advantages of having a high-paying manager position, especially in today’s economy.
If you’re considering working for somebody else in order to earn more money, here are some tips on how to find the right person and get hired!


What is a manager?

A manager is a person responsible for a company’s operations and activities. Their administrative role provides them with several responsibilities, including creating budgets, interviewing and coordinating employees across several departments and overseeing a team of employees and planning their daily schedules. They also hire new employees and provide guidance as needed. The specific duties a manager has depends on the industry they’re in, the company they work for and their particular position.

Highest-paid manager jobs

Your industry likely has a wide variety of management positions available. Depending on your experience, interest and salary expectations, you can determine if you want to advance into one of these roles. Here are 18 of the highest-paid manager jobs:

  1. Store manager

  2. Farm manager

  3. Food and beverage manager

  4. General operations manager

  5. Public relations and funding manager

  6. Training and development manager

  7. Marketing manager

  8. Human resources manager

  9. Sales manager

  10. Construction manager

  11. Project manager

  12. Compensation and benefits manager

  13. Computer and information systems manager

  14. Financial manager

  15. Medical manager

  16. Tax manager

  17. Chief executive officer

  18. Architectural and engineering manager

1. Store manager

National average salary: $43,775 per year


Primary duties: Store managers oversee a store’s daily operations. They create business strategies, manage store employees, train new hires and create promotional materials to drive revenue.

2. Farm manager

National average salary: $47,735 per year

Primary duties: Farm managers oversee a farm’s finances, production and various activities. They maintain the farm’s progress, perform farm-related activities including machine operations, livestock feedings and tractor driving, buy supplies and monitor animal health.

3. Food and beverage manager

National average salary: $48,221 per year

Primary duties: Food and beverage managers ensure a dining establishment’s food and drinks are of the highest quality. They also create menus, handle customer concerns, create policies and ensure the establishment meets all food and safety regulations.

4. General operations manager

National average salary: $56,458 per year

Primary duties: General operations managers oversee a company’s daily operations and the formulation of policies. Their specific tasks generally focus on one area of management or administration, such as personnel, purchasing or administration.

5. Public relations and funding manager

National average salary: $59,442 per year

Primary duties: Public relations and funding managers plan and oversee activities that help a company’s public image. They also develop activities that help raise awareness. Public relations and funding managers also plan fundraising activities to raise money for specific projects or organizations.

6. Training and development manager

National average salary: $67,513 per year

Primary duties: Training and development managers organize and manage a company’s training and developmental programs. This includes determining course materials and content for each program, preparing a budget and directing the program’s execution.

7. Marketing manager

National average salary: $67,911 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers are responsible for a company’s marketing-related decisions and endeavors. They develop marketing strategies, coordinate and develop campaigns, oversee the marketing budget, create valuable content and analyze a campaign’s overall performance.

8. Human resources manager

National average salary: $71,517 per year

Primary duties: Human resources managers develop and implement various human resources strategies. They oversee and manage a company’s recruitment process and help employees with grievances or other concerns.

9. Sales manager

National average salary: $76,204 per year

Primary duties: Sales managers lead a company’s sales team by administering tasks, providing them with direction and setting sales goals. They’re also responsible for establishing sales plans and building the sales team. Overall, they aim to drive a company’s revenue.

10. Construction manager

National average salary: $81,457 per year

Primary duties: Construction managers supervise a variety of construction projects from conception to project completion. They are also responsible for determining costs, monitoring project compliance with various safety and building regulations and reporting work progress.

11. Project manager

National average salary: $83,690 per year

Primary duties: Project managers oversee all aspects of a company or organization’s projects. This includes assigning project responsibilities and deadlines, evaluating the project’s progress and creating reports for the management team. Project managers also ensure the project stays within the budget.

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12. Compensation and benefits manager

National average salary: $94,712 per year

Primary duties: Compensation and benefits managers work with a company or organization’s pay and benefits structure. They design employee compensation packages, ensure they abide by the current legislature and decide what they consider a competitive salary. They also adjust compensation plans as needed.

13. Computer and information systems manager

National average salary: $97,797 per year

Primary duties: Computer and information systems managers implement an organization’s computer-related technologies. They evaluate their computer needs and make necessary recommendations, plan, install and maintain computer software and hardware, oversee network security and check for upgrades.

14. Financial manager

National average salary: $101,862 per year

Primary duties: Financial managers oversee a company’s financial reports, prepare financial statements, produce financial forecasts, monitor financial accounts and evaluate potentially beneficial business opportunities. They also ensure the company is abiding by legal requirements regarding their finances.

15. Medical manager

National average salary: $102,059 per year

Primary duties: Medical managers hire new employees, supervise other staff members such as receptionists and medical billers, schedule appointments and maintain patient medical records. They also pay office bills and oversee other billing aspects, including account reconciliation.

16. Tax manager

National average salary: $108,780 per year

Primary duties: Tax managers work with clients and businesses and provide them with tax expertise. They ensure their client’s state and federal tax documents are accurate and propose tax solutions, create tax policies and maintain compliance overall.

17. Chief executive officer

National average salary: $109,906 per year

Primary duties: Chief executive officers are a company’s highest-ranking executives. They oversee its operations and make major decisions on its behalf. They also provide the company with direction, offer guidance to other executives and communicate with the board of directors.

18. Architectural and engineering manager

National average salary: $124,804 per year

Primary duties: Architectural and engineering managers coordinate and integrate activities and oversee their team of employees. They have several duties, including leading a company’s research and development teams, making detailed plans for new designs and product development, determining staff and equipment needs, coordinating with other teams and proposing budgetary needs.

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