How to Write a Perfect Application Letter

By | December 8, 2023

How to Write a Perfect Application Letter | The word “application” is a noun that means to request for something, such as job, admission, bank loans and release of results, etc. All details are here on how to Write An Application Letter.

An application letter which is also called “cover letter” is an application document a person sends to provide vital information about his/her skills (expertise) such as problem-solving, creativity, leadership, critical thinking, collaboration (teamwork), time management, communication, organization, and educational background, etc. It helps in providing information either you are qualified for the vacancy or not. The letter should be formal.

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What an application letter does:

  1. It provides an avenue where by an employee can present him/herself to a potential employer who is ready to pay a potential employee for his/her service.
  2. It helps in marketing skills, qualities and working experiences of an employee.
  3. It is a spice that entices and tantalizes the employer to have interest in your personality.
  4. It persuades an employer to grant an employee an interview.
  5. It creates an impression to the employer.


An application letter is divided into two; we have:

  1. Solicited
  2. Unsolicited

1. Solicited Letter:

This type of application letter is sent in response to a job advertisement. When an employment opportunity is being advertised, there is always competition because so many people want to get employed so that they can cater for the basic necessities of life.

2. Unsolicited letter:

This type of application letter is being sent to a company that he or she has the interest to work for, even though there are no employment opportunities. It can also be called speculative or cold canvas letter.


These are the facts of an application letter:

  1. You should know details about the company you are addressing your application letter. Such as: address, Company’s brochure, their annual reports and the name of the person you need to address your letter.
  2. The application letter should be brief and you should only give the information that are necessary.
  3. An application letter is just one page with four to five paragraphs to communicate your vital messages.
  4. You can also make a research on the internet to have more info about the firm so that you can structure your letter to the firm.


The arrangement is as follows for an application letter:

Your name and address

. Include streets/roads in capital letters.

The date

. It should be written appropriately e.g. 4th of Sept. 2019

The address and name of the person (recipient)

. The person’s name and title if you know it e.g. Mr./Miss/Mrs.

. If you don’t know the name and title, you can write Human Resource Manager or Managing Director.


. e.g. Dear Sir/Madam, Dear Mr./Mrs.

Purpose of writing/subject

. This can be in response to an employment advertisement (solicited)

. Writing an application letter to be considered for any vacant post (Unsolicited)

Introducing yourself

.Add some lines from your CV in your application letter.

Include your educational qualification and professional certification(s).

Name of the University and the course you intend studying.

Advertising/Presenting yourself

. Working experiences and skills.

. What you can contribute to the Company.

. Reasons why you are the right person for the job.

Relevant documents

. Curriculum Vitae/Resume

. Academic Records.

. Home Contacts and Phone number(s)


. Use “Yours Faithfully”

. Sign the letter.

. Write your full name.


These are the basic hints for an application letter:

HINT 1: Observe application letter(s) – The addresses of both the writer and recipient, punctuation marks, spellings, grammars being used to show that you are a professional.

HINT 2: Learn to personalize your application letter. In order to do this, you must make research so that you can get more info about the company.

HINT 3: You can give your application letter to a friend or anybody that has a strong eye for finding mistakes so that the person can re-read/proofread your letter. Remember two heads are better than one.

HINT 4: Learn to keep your application letter to the maximum of one page.

HINT 5: Make sure you address any basic requirements. If you are to respond to a job advertisement. This will make your application letter stand out.

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The Phrase “apply in writing” get so many graduate/employee(s) confused. As a result of this, they make so many blunders. When an employer uses “Apply in writing” it means the employee(s) should send typed hard copy or electronic (email or online) applications and not a hand written letter.

See a sample of An Application letter


68, Mary Slessor Avenue,

Off Christy Road,

Uyo, Akwa – Ibom State.

4th of Sept, 2017.

Mrs. Celine Johnson,

Human Resource Manager,

Golden Tulip Media,

P.O BOX 6041,

Surulere, Lagos.

Dear Ma,

An application for the post of a Digital Marketing Officer

I wish to apply for the position of a Digital Marketing Officer as advertised in Guardian Newspaper, 27th of July, 2017. (Solicited form).


I am writing to define my interest in being considered as a Digital Marketing Officer if there is any vacant post of such (Unsolicited form).

I have completed a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, in the University of Uyo. I graduated with an overall Grade point average of 3.8 and have a distinct interest in Digital Marketing and Online Advertisement. As a result of this, I obtain a Professional Certification from How to Write a Perfect Application Letter.

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