How to write a Good Curriculum Vitae (CV)

How to write a CV in Nigeria | How to write a Good Curriculum Vitae (CV)….A CV which is also called Curriculum Vitae is an essential marketing tool that is used to search for jobs, internship or admission etc. it helps the reader/recipient to have an overview of your past accomplishments. How to write a CV in Nigeria.

It stands as a small portfolio that an employee uses to introduce his/her selling points such as skills, working experience(s) and academic qualification etc.

Things to Consider when writing a Good Curriculum Vitae

  1. It must be concise i.e. only the important information should be giving out.
  2. It must be truthful; there should be no form of lies or hype in it because you want to claim who you are not. This can tarnish your image when the truth is being discovered.
  3. It must be free from erroneous spellings and grammars.
  4. It must be suited/tailored to the position you are applying for.
  5. It must be accurate.


first steps of writing a good Curriculum Vitae.

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The first thing to do before you start writing your Curriculum Vitae is to list out projects, working experience(s) and skills that are related to what you are applying for. An A4 Paper should be used and should be written to a maximum of two pages.

  • It should be simple and must not contain unnecessary details.
  • The font size should be a font that is clean and readable e.g. (Arial or Verdana are recommended with a font of 10-12).

Second steps of writing a good Curriculum Vitae.

Personal details

This should contain your full name, contact address, email, phone no, date of birth(optional) and Nationality. Your email should be business/Official like in order to make your application acceptable. Such as; using your names as your email address looks professional. LinkedIn profile is another advantage because it allows employers to access your previous works, skills, and level of creativity.

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Third steps of writing a good Curriculum Vitae.

Personal Statement

This is very important because it is a summary of who you are and it acts as a spice for an employer to read your Curriculum Vitae. This include:

  • The industry you have passion for,
  • Your unique skills and working experience.

Your Personal Statement should be different from the normal conventional methods. Such as: working under pressure and thinking outside the box. etc.

Fourth steps of writing a good Curriculum Vitae.

Educational qualifications

Here, it is good to start with your most recent education and working experiences backward. Such as University degree and grade, College(Secondary) and A levels, and Primary Schools. Topics and Research projects you have worked on can be added here to show your competency.

Fifth steps of writing a good Curriculum Vitae.

Working experience

You should also start with Your most recent and relevant details; The name of the company you have worked for, Location (contact address) and date of employment. You can also give details of the role of your work. Your work successes and achievements are also important. You can also state what you added to the company through your role.

Sixth steps of writing a good Curriculum Vitae.

Interests and Achievements

This part should be short and concise because it allows the employer to have a view of your Personality and also skills that are relevant to your role. If you have interest in Lawn Tennis, say more about this

For example Lawn Tennis: During my leisure time, I enjoy playing Lawn Tennis. Some interest may relate to that job you are applying for and this can make you stand out from other employees. Your achievements can be any Prizes, top recommendation and impressive facts that may show successes.

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Seventh steps of writing a Curriculum Vitae.


References might not be asked and it might not be a bad idea to state “references will be available if requested”. Your referees can be an academia (lecturer) and while the other can be your most recent employer.


  • Make use of bullet points: This makes your Curriculum Vitae looks neat and uncluttered.
  • Make use of action verbs: This can be used to depict an active and appealing Curriculum Vitae because it helps in demonstrating what you did. E.g. learned, acquired, derived, collected, developed and shortlisted.
  • Address unemployment space in your curriculum vitae: If you haven’t been working for more than 3 months. You can state positive things you have been doing within that 3 months.
  • Always tell the truth: Your information on your Curriculum Vitae must be true and must not be tuned to make yourself look more appropriate for the job. This will keep your job hanging in the balance if your employer finds out.
  • Never fold the page(s) of your Curriculum Vitae: When sending/handling your Curriculum Vitae to your prospective employer. It must be neat, clean and presented inside an envelope.
  • Printing: Make sure you never print double sided because it will look unprofessional.
  • Cover letter: A good cover which is also known as a Business/Formal/Official letter should be enclosed in the same envelope with your Curriculum Vitae.

Here is a sample of a good Curriculum Vitae:




29c, Abak Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Tel: +2347060933464, +2348025788741



Date of birth: 27th July 1993(Optional)

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Sex: Male

State of Origin: Akwa Ibom

Local Govt. Area: Uyo

Nationality: Nigerian

Marital Status: Single


I am a bright, talented and ambitious young man with a strong technical background possessing self-discipline and the ability to work with the minimum supervision. I have the ability to play a key role throughout the life cycle of any given project to produce quality solutions to meet business objectives. I also possess a good team spirit, deadline orientated and have the ability to organize and present complex solutions clearly and accurately.

CAREER OBJECTIVE: To use my talent and skills to contribute maximally to the company’s growth in other to yield good output in a geometric progression.


The university of Uyo, Uyo B.Sc (Hons) Microbiology 2015
ECWA Secondary School, Makurdi WASSCE/ NECO 2008
Erdoo Memorial Nursery/Primary School, Makurdi FSLC 2002


Golden Tulip hotel, Festac, Lagos. Sales Representative. September, 2008- December, 2009
Green Feeds, Ikeja, Lagos State. Production Assistant October, 2014- April, 2015
Redemption Standard Group of Schools, Egbema, Imo State (NYSC) Senior Tutor ( Biology and Agric. Science) May, 2015- April, 2016
Advanced Lab, Itu road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Lab. Scientist June, 2016- August, 2017


Competent in the use of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

Excellent analytical skills with an eye for detail


I love reading medical books, playing chess and carrying out research.

REFERENCE: (Optional)

Prof. David James.

Nigeria Immigration Service

Benue State Command

Mrs. Data Allisson

Nigeria Liquid and Natural Gas

Bonny, Rivers State.

And that is it on how to write a good curriculum vitae. We believe you did find this guide on how to write a good curriculum vitae (CV) helpful. Do share it with your friends.

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