Kenya Police Salary Scale Structure 2024

By | January 12, 2024

Kenya Police Salary Scale Structure | What you need to know about Keyan Police Service and their salary scale is here online.. check how KPS pays their workers in case you have the interest of applying for the job.

Being police in Kenya is among the most prestigious professions one can ever get. The profession comes with status and good standing in the community. However, people have always wondered how much in Police these people take home at the end of every other month. So, today, let’s look at Kenya police basic salary and allowances in a more simplified way.

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Kenya Police Salary Scale Structure 2022

Like other professions, how much every Kenyan police earns relies upon their education level and the ranks they hold in the police force. In 2015, the Kenya police salary was increased by 100% – a move that saw many policemen and women celebrating and motivated to work harder. As per this new structure, the increment was to be spread in four stages and the police would earn the accompanying figures.


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Kenya Police Salary Scale 2022

Kenya Police Salary Scale


1. The basic salary for Kenya police constable was sh. 32,880, compensation that was considerably higher than a fresh graduate in Kenya.

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2. Corporals take home basic pay of Ksh 42, 660.

3. A constable pockets sh 45, 540 every end of the month.

4. Senior sergeants get Sh50,220.

5. The police inspector earns a basic pay of Sh53,820.

6. Ass. Superintendent of police gets Sh70,530.

7. A Superintendent procures Ksh Sh73,020

8. A Senior superintendent gets Sh85,890.

10. Assistant inspector-general of police pockets Sh187,890.

11. A senior assistant inspector-general takes home Sh274,890 every month

12. The Inspector General of Police gets Sh854,241. IS


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