Saugus High School 2024: Acceptance Rate: Admission, Tuition, Scholarship

By | January 15, 2024

The Saugus High School acceptance rate is currently at an all-time high. This is due to the increasing demand for students in the school. With such a high demand, it’s no surprise that many students are applying to Saugus High School. However, it’s important to remember that not all students who apply are accepted. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to be accepted into a top school like Saugus High School. So if you’re considering applying to Saugus High School, make sure you put in your best effort.

Saugus High School Acceptance Rate - Best School News

Saugus High School Acceptance Rate


Saugus High School is an excellent school that offers a number of opportunities for its students. That’s why it’s important to consider theSaugus High School acceptance rate before making your decision.
The Saugus High School acceptance rate is a key indicator of how well the school is doing as a whole. It reflects how many students are applying and how many are being accepted.

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To get an idea of the Saugus High School acceptance rate, you can use this online tool to calculate it. This online tool allows you to compare the Saugus High School admission rate with other schools in your area.


Let’s face it, high school is a tough process. And for many students, the decision to attend school is a difficult one. But there are ways to make the process easier and more successful for you and your classmates. Here are some tips on how to get into Saugus High School and become a part of the community.

Is Saugus High School a good school?

Is Saugus High School a good school? For many people, the answer is yes. Saugus High School is a top-ranked public school in Massachusetts that has been awarded numerous awards and accolades.
Saugus is home to a variety of popular programs, such as theˈsagittarius system, which provides opportunities for students to study music, dance and theater. As well, the school offers a wide range of programs that appeal to students of all ages and backgrounds.
In addition to its excellent education, Saugus High School is also known for its relaxed environment and supportive community. This makes it an ideal place to learn and grow, and it’s easy to feel welcome and connected to classmates.

Why Attend Saugus High School 

Saugus High School is the perfect place for someone looking to get the education they need. With a variety of courses and programs, we have something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in fashion and design, business and economics, or literature and history, we have a course for you. And if you’re looking for an amazing school that offers a unique experience, Saugus High School is the place for you!

Saugus high school is a public school that allows all students to be part of the growth of the community.

However, the majority of students at Saugus High are white students. It consists of 58.7% of all California students, and the second most common ethnicity after are Hispanic students which consist of 34.5%. While non-Hispanic 49.7%, Asian students are 7.5% and Asian-American are 8.5%, and African Americans is 2.1%.

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Saugus High School student population are 2,526 students in grades 9-12 as at 2019-2020. The High School was placed in the top 10% of all schools in California for overall test scores for the 2018-19 school year.

Saugus High school is one of best school in a hundreds of schools in the state that helps and support students in their general needs.

Saugus high students take part in softball, football, cross country, lacrosse, basketball, , track and field, golf, volleyball, tennis, soccer, swim and dive, baseball and many other social activities.

Where is Saugus High School Located

Saugus High school is located in the Santa Clarita Valley in Northern Los Angeles County, 21900 Centurion Way, Saugus, California, USA.

Saugus high is a group in the William S. Hart Union High School District, with its campus is built on a hill, with a well balanced upper and lower campus, and it is planted in between the two lower and upper campus.

Saugus High School Ranking

Saugus High is one of the best schools in United states and it is ranked 170th within California.

California and 1,152 in the National Rankings in United States by US news, the high school is well known for being the best in other areas and Here are other Saugus high school rankings by

  • #59 in Best College Prep Public High Schools in Los Angeles County
  • #425 in Best High Schools for STEM in California
  • #51 in Best High Schools for Athletes in Los Angeles Area
  • #26 in Best High Schools for Athletes in Los Angeles County
  • #92 in Best Public High Schools in Los Angeles Area
  • #111 in Best College Prep Public High Schools in Los Angeles Area
  • #117 in Best High Schools for Athletes in California
  • #117 in Best High Schools for STEM in Los Angeles County
  • #133 in Most Diverse Public High Schools in Los Angeles County
  • #196 in Best Public High Schools in California
  • #240Best College Prep Public High Schools in California
  • #271 in Best Public High School Teachers in California
  • #127 in Best Public High School Teachers in Los Angeles Area
  • #184 in Best High Schools for STEM in Los Angeles Area
  • #246 in Most Diverse Public High Schools in Los Angeles Area
  • #49 in Best Public High Schools in Los Angeles County
  • #85 in Best Public High School Teachers in Los Angeles County

Saugus High School Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate in Saugus high school is 49%, which means getting enrolled in the school is not really difficult.

The graduation rate at Saugus high is 99% and total enrollment is 2481 which include 50% male and 59% female: #51% White, #33% Hispanic, #9% Asian, #5% Two or More Races, #2% Black, #0.1% American Indian/Alaska Native, #0.1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

What are the Requirements to attend Saugus High School?

Saugus high school is quite popular for its enrollment rate which is very high. The application process for Saugus high are:

1. The student must submit an original proof of birth (birth certificate or passport)

2. Immunization records of the student are to be submitted

3. Transcript or Report Cards from another school

4 . Current IEP (if special education)

5. Proof of residency such as Gas bill or electric bill.

6. And other personal information such as Name, physical address, email, number of parents/guardian and other information

What is the Program Available in Saugus High School

Saugus High operates on a customary education where, there are almost seven class periods each day, with the first subject commencing at 6:55 am, and this usually takes up to an hour with a few minutes break.

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Saugus high school offers essential topics and various Honors and AP courses which includes:

  • European History,
  • Technology,
  • World Languages,
  • Mathematics,
  •  Sciences,
  • World History,
  • Human Geography,
  • Environmental Science,
  • Chemistry,
  • Biological Science
  • Physics,
  • English Language And Composition,
  • Chinese,
  • English Literature,
  • Government,
  • Us History,
  • Calculus Ab,
  • Calculus Bc,
  • Statistics,
  • Art History,
  •  Studio Art,
  • Spanish Language,
  • French,
  • Physical education
  • Economics and other social science subjects.

Saugus High Graduation Requirements

The hope of every students is to be a graduate, and Saugus high graduation rate is 99% by the U.S news scorecard , and this rate is quite perfect and Saugus high school graduation requirements are:

  • Electives 72.5 credits
  • English 40 credits
  • Fine Arts 10 credits
  •  Government 5 credits
  • Economics 5 credits
  • Biological Science 10 credits
  • Health 2.5 credits
  • Mathematics 30 credits
  • Modern World History 10 credits
  • Physical Education 20 credits
  • Physical Science 10 credits
  • Practical Arts 5 credits
  • US History 10 Credits

The total credits required for a student in Saugus high is 230 Credits

While students in the 9th Grade required classes (6 classes) are:

  • English 9
  • Biological Science
  • Math
  • physical education
  • 2 Elective classes
  • Student in the 10th Grade required classes(6 classes):
  • English 10
  • Physical Lab Science
  • Modern World History
  • Math
  • 2 Electives

Students in the 11th Grade required courses(6 classes):

  • English 11
  • US History
  • Math
  • Science
  • 2 Electives
  • Students in the 12th Grade required courses(5 classes):
  • English 12
  • Government or economics
  • 3 electives

What is Student Life like at Saugus High School?

Student life is pretty awesome in Saugus High, when you enroll your child into Saugus High School, there is a 99% graduation rate meaning no delay whatsoever in the student’s time in the school and 18% of the students receive Free lunch recipients.

Saugus high supports the growth and welfare of the students regardless of their background.

There are various activities available for students at Saugus High and this includes sports, and other social activities, the high school is quite popular when it comes to the athletic programs.

Saugus High School Tuition 

Saugus high school tuition is due at the time of registration and the tuition fee per unit is $46.

Students are responsible for college fees such as tuition fees, enrollment fees, and lunch is made free at Saugus high.

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The entire average money spent per student at Saugus High is up to $9,998 on various expenses.

Saugus High Scholarship

Saugus High is one of the prestigious public schools in California that feels like college, there are over 2526 students with over 200 per class.

Also, Saugus High has a good male and female ratio that is widely representative of the general population in Los Angeles County and has more options and opportunities for activities.

This is one of the great perks the school has, and it is exciting to be a student at the school because it also includes scholarships and financial aid for students.

Free scholarship searches in Sargus can be found on these websites:



These scholarships does not have any restrictions as long as the student apply for it early.

Saugus high school teacher

Saugus high school is well known for taking care of their students and stuffs which also includes teachers and the Student-Teacher Ratio in Saugus high is 26:1, the ratio shows there is a positive relationship between teachers and students.

The average teacher salary for all teachers within the district is $70,513 for Teachers in the First and second Year.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Program at Saugus High School 

At Saugus high School, there is a 4 year high school graduation rate which is close to 99%, and this means that graduation rate at the school is extremely higher than most public and private schools in United States.

The Percentage of students enrolled in IB grades 9-12 is higher than 1%, graduates who meet UC/CSU entrance requirements for college is 50 percent. Preparatory class for college is close to 86%.

The SAT 12th grade for students preparing for college is 69%. ACT college readiness rate is 75%. These percentages are proof that it doesn’t take long for students to be a graduate at the school with a great hope that with devotion of the students, college would be a easy process.

What is the Goal at Saugus High School?

Saugus high is a prestigious public school in California county that creates a good relationship with members of the community and the high school also develop an outstanding relationship between the students.

The high school encourages their students to get better each day with the extra curriculum they create, while they also include fairness, trustworthiness, and relationship between students and Saugus high cares for the welfare of their students.

Where to buy Saugus High School Uniform?

You need not to worry about getting the official school uniform because there is a great website you can get all you need and the official color is white and gray and the Saugus High school uniform can be bought in the school store.

Who funds Saugus High School project

Saugus High School is a project that is being funded through Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), and through a completed debt exclusion vote which took place in the summer of 2017.

Saugus High School Campus and Facilities

Saugus High School is in the neighborhood of Saugus in the city of Santa Clarita, California, United States, the school’s campus is situated on a hill, with a balanced lower and upper campus and a hill quad in the middle of the two campuses.

There are various buildings available on the campus which includes the A, B, C, D, E, F, and G buildings which can be located on the lower campus, while the upper campus is quite larger than the lower campus and this building is for the teachers that teach important subjects.

The facilities available for students and the community of Saugus High School includes sports field, classrooms for students, gyms, pools, sports, theaters, and others.

Saugus Notable Alumni

There are lots of famous alumni from Saugus high and these include, actors, interior designer, baseball pitcher, politicians, singers, and many more

Here are a list of notable alumni from Saugus High as seen on Wikipedia:

  • Tessa Ludwick (2006) – actress
  • Katie Volding (2007) – actress
  • Sara Niemietz (2010) – actress/singer
  • Mandy Gonzalez (1996) – actress and singer
  • C. Thomas Howell (1984) – actor
  • Tyler Blackburn (2004) – actor
  • Bobby Trendy (1991) – interior designer
  • Katie Hill (2004) – former U.S. representative for California’s 25th congressional district
  • Mike Garcia (1994) – current U.S. representative for California’s 25th congressional district
  • Roger Salkeld (1989) – pitcher
  • Abbey Weitzeil (2014) – 2016 Team U.S.A. Olympian competition swimmer specializing in sprint freestyle.
  • Tommy Milone (2005) – professional baseball pitcher

Saugus High School Official Website

  • Website:
  • Phone: (661) 297-3900
  • Fax: (661) 263-8467

Is Saugus High safe?

Despite the shooting incident in 2019 which took the lives of few good students, Saugus high is a great public school with multiple rankings all over the country.


Saugus High School opened in September 1975, and the school’s mission is to protect the integrity and worth of each individual and esteem the diverse cultures, talents, and skills that each individual brings to the school.

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Saugus high is one of the best schools in California county with a high graduation rate and this means that Saugus high school is one of the best choices to make when seeking high schools.

I do hope you find this information useful and also helps you in your decision-making process.


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