University of Ottawa 2024: Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition

By | February 13, 2024

University of Ottawa Acceptance Rate – The University of Ottawa’s online degree program offers students the opportunity to gain a degree in any field, regardless of where you are in life. Whether you’re looking to enter the workforce or continue your education, our online degree program is the perfect fit. We offer a variety of courses that cover a range of topics, so you can find the degree that fits your needs and career goals.

University of Ottawa Acceptance Rate - best school news

At the University of Ottawa, we believe in preparing our students for the world. That’s why we offer a wide range of undergraduate programs that will prepare you for work, study, and citizenship. We have an acceptance rate of over 90%.


The University of Ottawa is a top university, with a highly successful undergraduate program. However, the percentage of students accepted to our programs varies greatly depending on the year. In recent years, the acceptance rate has ranged from 98% to 99%. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many factors that contribute to an individual’s success in any given program. So, if you’re considering applying to a university, make sure you research each one carefully before making your decision.

About the University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is one of the best Ivy League universities in Canada and is known as the largest bilingual university in the world because it offers French and English learning.

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The University of Ottawa medical school is the only medical school in Canada that is bilingual. With the commitment to excellence in education and research, the school aims to meet the needs of communities, from their local communities to global communities.

This prestigious University of Ottawa, Canada, is a member of a group called U15, which is a group of Canadian-based universities that focuses heavily on the business of extensive research and incursions into unknown academic areas.

The institution is considered the largest bilingual institution on the planet, which means it allows its students to choose to study in French, English or both.

The University of Ottawa, Canada, which was previously called Bytown’s College, was established in 1848 and is located in the nation’s capital, with its campus known for its proximity to institutions such as the Canadian parliament, government agencies, health centers, libraries, non-profit organizations, and research institutions.

This has helped give the University the unique character of being a remarkable place of study with easy access to prominent universities in Canada.

Also known as UOttawa, Ottawa U or U of O, the main campus of the University of Ottawa is located on 42.5 hectares in the residential neighborhood of Sandy Hill, adjacent to the Rideau Canal of Ottawa.

Is it hard to get into University of Ottawa?

University of Ottawa is one of the most prestigious and selective universities in Canada. It has a diverse range of programs and opportunities, making it the perfect place for you to study. However, not everyone is able to enroll at UOttawa. Why? Because there are a number of obstacles that stand in the way of students achieving their academic goals. Some common barriers include: low representation of Aboriginal students, low financial resources, and lack of access to quality education. Despite these challenges, UOttawa offers an amazing opportunity for students who are willing to work hard and take on the challenge.

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Are you considering university in Canada? If so, it’s important to have an idea of where you stand in the admissions process. Here are some things to consider:!–BEGIN Main Admitting School Admission Tips–>
– Are you a high school graduate or above?
– Are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident?
– Do you have a valid passport?
– Have you done well on the English language tests?
– Are your grades good enough to be accepted into a university in Canada?!–END Main Admitting School Admission Tips–>

If all of these questions seem daunting, don’t worry! With our help, you can get started on your online application process as quickly as possible. We’ll walk you through the steps necessary to get into University of Ottawa as quickly as possible.

University of Ottawa Courses

In addition, the university offers professionally designed courses. There are a lot of organizations and educational groups affiliated with the University of Ottawa. This affiliation is due to the best quality of education offered here.

The university offers a wide variety of academic programs, administered by nine faculties, many of which are recognized for their quality of education and classification in the respective fields, including

  • University of Ottawa School of Medicine,
  • The University of Ottawa Law School (which stands out for offering a double degree in Civil Law and Common Law),
  • Telfer School of Administration
  • The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ottawa.
  • University of Ottawa School of Science,
  • Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Ottawa,
  • University of Ottawa School of Arts,
  • University of Ottawa Engineering School,
  • University of Ottawa School of Education

Under these faculties, uOttawa offers more than 450 programs and courses of study for undergraduate and graduate students. The uOttawa Law School is also one of the largest law schools in Canada.

In addition to its regular study programs, the university also offers more than 80 courses that have the option of internships in one of Canada’s five major cooperative programs. This helps students gain work experience, build their professional network and improve their opportunities for possible careers.

Currently, students enrolled in previous faculties are more than 40,000 with more than 5,000 employees and 180,000 alumni.

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You can now access more information about the University of Ottawa and apply to study in it

UOttawa Rankings

According to the data provided by the QS Intelligence Unit, this institution is ranked 291 in the world and 13 in Canada as of 2017.

The institution occupies a prominent position among the main Canadian universities involved in research and attracts nearly $300 million annually to fund its research. with its focus on health, electronic society, and environmental sciences.

More than 450 study programs are offered, and 70 of them have options for working terms within an educational program that over time has guaranteed a 98% placement rate that helps their students acquire the necessary experience while preparing for the future.

The University of Ottawa Ranking is well updated for you to access.

The university is ranked 289th in the QS World ranking of universities

They occupy position 256 in the engineering and technology ranking

And they also ranked # 201 + QS Global MBA Ranking

Ranked # 351-400QS Ranking of business and management studies

  • The university ranks ninth in Canada for high-impact universities
  • The University of Ottawa ranks 98th in the world in the field of Health Sciences and Pharmacology.
  • Higher Education Strategy Associates ranked the university in fourth place nationally
  • Times Higher Education World University ranked the university in 176th place in the world
  • In 2018, QS World University Rankings ranked 13th in Canada
  • The university ranked sixth in Research Intensity by Research InfoSource University
  • The University of Ottawa is a proud member of the U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities, a group that represents Canada’s leading intensive research universities.
  • The University welcomes students and professors from more than 150 countries.
  • The cooperative education program offered by the university is among the top five in the country.

University of Ottawa Acceptance Rate

uOttawa acceptance rate is really competitive and dependent on your program of choice. Generally speaking, if your average among your 6 best courses, including prerequisites, is at least 5-10% higher than the minimum requirement, it is more than likely to be admitted.

University of Ottawa acceptance rate is estimated to be 42%. Then, more than one student in every three is accepted, which is very good for a prestigious university like the University of Ottawa.

There are many universities that need students. To fill their classes, universities accept many students from Canada and around the world. That is why even the prestigious Canadian universities have a high acceptance rate, and the University of Ottawa is no exception.

International students from more than 150 countries choose the University of Ottawa every year. They enjoy lower tuition fees and higher quality education while living and studying in downtown Ottawa

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University of Ottawa Acceptance Rate For Transfer Students

The minimum grade required to transfer a course to the University of Ottawa is 50% or a passing grade, whichever is higher, for university applicants and 60% or more for university applicants.

University of Ottawa GPA level of Acceptance

The average grade at the University of Ottawa is 3.11. With a GPA of 3.11, the University of Ottawa accepts students below average.

It’s okay to be an average student B, with some A mixed. It would be better to avoid C and D since the readers of the application can doubt whether you can handle the stress of university academics.

University of Ottawa Admission Requirements

While Ottawa University’s acceptance rate might be a benchmark, any student who intends to apply to this institution must meet the admission requirements of the University of Ottawa. Some of the admission requirements include having obtained a diploma from a high school, attaining the minimum average, and at the same time reach the required language skills, and must also have actively participated in the prerequisite courses.

University of Ottawa Undergraduate Requirements

The following faculties are open for students to apply to the direct admission study

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Science Faculty
  • Telfer School of Administration

Required level of study: for students applying in Canada, the requirement is to have obtained a diploma from a high school located in a territory or province in Canada.

For international students or people who had their education outside of Canada, an equivalent of a diploma obtained from a high school in that country is required.

Average required: It must be noted that applying to the University does not guarantee admission unless the students attained the stipulated average for the program.

The determinant factor for being admitted into the school is that the student reaches the particular average score for a particular program applied for.

A student who cannot reach the minimum average could be considered in another related program.

Students who studied in Canada, their eligibility is determined by calculating the final results of the student’s 12th grade in the courses necessary for the program you wish to apply for.

Similarly, the minimum average for international students is determined by calculating their final results at the school from which they graduated.

If the student is someone seeking transfer from a higher institution, the average will be calculated from their final results in that institution.

University of Ottawa Postgraduate program requirements

In general, the admissions of the University of Ottawa require an applicant for postgraduate studies to provide a Canadian degree or equivalent to be eligible for admission.

Other admission requirements for the application for masters and doctoral programs depending on the specific requirements of each program course for Canadian students and international students.

UOttawa Language Requirements

This institution requires that its students demonstrate proficiency in one of the English or French languages ​​before the student is considered and granted admission since the courses are usually taught in one of these languages ​​or both.

The applicant must participate in a language test known to the university, the result of which the institution may require.

The result of an English test is mandatory for students requesting a program in English. The alternative is when the student shows that he has attended and completed a full-time study at an institution that teaches only in the English language and in a country that has English among its official languages.

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If you are applying for a French-language program and have not completed at least three years of full-time study at an institution where French is the only language of instruction (other than language courses), located in a country that has French as an official language, you must provide us with your official results in one of the French language tests recognized by the University.

How much does tuition at the University of Ottawa cost?

University of Ottawa’s tuition fee is one of the relatively moderate in Canada. Though it is an ivy-league university, its tuition fee is a bit affordable, especially for local students.

For international students, the tuition is higher and even double what local students are expected to pay.

Local Students: CAD$6,376

International Students: CAD$25,554

For master’s programs, the Tuition fees differ according to the different postgraduate programs. Local students could pay between $14,800 – $32,400 while international students pay $8,000 – $15,500.

Does the University of Ottawa require test results?

University of Ottawa SAT Requirements

The average SAT composite score at the University of Ottawa is 1000 on the 1600 SAT scale. This score makes the University of Ottawa slightly competitive for SAT test scores.

The SAT score of the new 25th percentile is 900, and the SAT score of the new 75th percentile is 1080. In other words, a 900 in the new SAT places it below average, while 1080 will raise it above average.

University of Ottawa ACT Requirements

Just like the SAT, it is likely that the University of Ottawa does not have a hard ACT cut, but if your score is too low, your request will be thrown away.

The average ACT score at the University of Ottawa is 20. This score makes the University of Ottawa moderately competitive for ACT scores.

The ACT score of the 25th percentile is 18, and the ACT score of the 75th percentile is 22.

Although the University of Ottawa probably says they do not have a minimum ACT requirement, if you apply with an 18 or less, you will have difficulty entering unless you have something more impressive in your application.

There are so many applicants with a score of 20 or more than 18 who will look academically weak.

How to apply for University of Ottawa online

  1. Apply online through the Ontario University Application Center (OUAC) by completing form 105.
  2. Declare all your current and previous postsecondary studies, completed or not, even if they are not related to your application. If you do not, you can cancel your application or withdraw your offer of admission at any time.
  3. Enter your email address, making sure it is correct. We will use this address to contact you for all matters. Also, check your inbox (and junk mail folder) regularly to see messages from the University of Ottawa.
  4. Pay the application fees for all your admission applications. Applications are sent to the University of Ottawa only after the fees have been paid in full and the payment has been settled.
  5. Send the following documents on time.
  • Copies of transcripts sent through uoDoc are not considered official. If admitted, you must submit your official transcripts with the final grades.
  • Official transcripts must be printed and sealed with an official seal and sent by the issuing institution. We also accept copies certified by a notary, lawyer, or commissioner of oaths.
  • Depending on your academic background and the planned program, you may need to submit other documents to complete your application, such as a resume or cover letter.
  • As part of the admission process, Ontario universities sometimes ask bachelor applicants who were educated outside of Canada to send their official transcripts directly to the World Education Services (WES) to determine the Canadian equivalences of their academic credentials.

Visa requirements for international students to Canada

International applicants who receive their acceptance letter from the University of Ottawa are recommended to apply for the required student visa/permit as soon as possible.

To study at uOttawa or any other Canadian institution, applicants need a Canadian student visa also known as a study permit, and a temporary residence visa.

Applicants must provide the following documents for both the study permit and the temporary visa:

  • Valid passport
  • Specified application fee (billed in CND)
  • The admission offer received
  • Evidence of sufficient funds
  • Medical exam
  • Biometrics

Applicants should keep in mind that while the required documents are the same for both permits, their applications must be submitted separately. In addition, this whole process can take up to six months.

University of Ottawa Notable Alumni

The University of Ottawa has produced more than 175,000 graduates who have become prominent and have succeeded in a variety of fields. Graduates, as well as faculty members, have won several prestigious awards such as the Pulitzer Fiction Prize and the Governor General’s Awards.

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Famous students/teachers include Alex Trebek (television personality and host of Jeopardy), Paul Martin (21st Prime Minister of Canada), Philemon Yang (8th Prime Minister of Cameroon), Carol Shields (Pulitzer’s winning author), Louise Arbor (UNHRC Commissioner) and Daniel Lamarre (CEO of Cirque Du Soleil).


After looking at this piece, it is noteworthy to say that although the admission process of the University of Ottawa is really tight, competitive, and highly restricted, it is still possible to overcome it and emerge among successful students.

One of the ways to guarantee this is to be fully aware of the University of Ottawa Acceptance Rate, which will allow you to properly prepare for the great task ahead and eventually climb among the successful ones.


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