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By | May 15, 2024

What does a Marketing Pecialist do? – Marketing is one of the most important jobs in a business. It’s responsible for creating and driving customer demand, developing marketing strategies, and managing communication. A marketing specialist can help your business achieve its goals by providing unique insights and services that will help it reach its target market.

What does a Marketing Pecialist do?

Marketing specialists also help businesses to achieve success in the digital age. They understand the complexities of the internet, social media, and e-commerce, and they can provide you with strategies and advice to increase sales, improve customer relationships, and reach new customers. Whether you’re looking to build a strong online presence or reduce expenses associated with marketing campaigns, a marketing specialist can help.


A marketing specialist is also responsible for the following:

  • Managing the company websites and social media accounts

  • Ensuring consistent branding across digital and traditional channels

  • Working closely with the sales team to develop effective campaigns

  • Leading generation

  • Conducting competitive analysis

A marketing specialist is someone who helps businesses achieve their marketing goals. Whether they are working on creating marketing plans, managing customer service, or running digital marketing campaigns, a well-educated marketing specialist can help your business achieve its strategic objectives. A successful marketing campaign depends on the skills of a professional marketer, and without the right knowledge and tools, you may not be able to reach your target market. So get in touch with a professional to learn more about how to get the most out of your marketing efforts!

Marketing Specialist Average salary

The salary of a marketing specialist depends on the level of experience, the size of the company and the location of the company. The compensation package can include the annual base salary, plus individual bonuses, profit sharing and commissions.

  • Common salary in the U.S.: $47,463 per year

  • Some salaries range from $32,110 to $86,530 per year.

Marketing specialist requirements

The role of marketing specialist requires a wide range of functions that involve certain competencies, including:



Marketing specialists must possess at least an Associate Degree in Marketing or related disciplines, although most employers require a bachelor’s degree. Those interested in this career should consider acquiring educational credentials in elements such as communications or graphic design.

Individuals can also hold degrees in creative disciplines, including journalism, advertising or public relations. Additionally, possessing a working understanding of data analysis may be necessary for an individual in this position.


Marketing specialists receive training through a combination of education and acquired experience working in the field of marketing. Typically, it is necessary to serve at least three years in a marketing-related role. Specific areas of expertise, such as digital marketing, can make employers consider you more closely for a role. Many marketing professionals take online marketing, communication and business courses to enhance their knowledge.

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Certifications enable professionals to demonstrate their qualifications to prospective employers. Marketing specialists can earn professional certifications to broaden their skills and knowledge to advance their career. These are two of the most common certifications for this profession:

Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)

Available in four specialties, this certification is available from the nationally-recognized American Marketing Association and covers topics such as email marketing, online advertising, SEO, conversion and content marketing.

Online Marketing Certified Associate (OMCA)

Designed for those who are beginning their careers in digital marketing, this certification demonstrates a core knowledge of online marketing ideas and methods. Obtaining this credential requires passing an exam as well as acquiring 600 hours of practical experience.


A marketing specialist must possess the following skills:


These skills enable you to communicate with prospective customers through targeted advertising campaigns, social media platforms and other methods of communication. Clear speaking and active listening are important to ensure thorough and respectful communication with others, and empathy and emotional intelligence are necessary to foresee the needs of the customer, work effectively on a team and deliver results to the company.

Time management

Marketing specialists must prioritize and complete tasks to meet deadlines while tracking the campaign engagement of several simultaneous projects, working through setbacks, fielding interruptions, using digital tools and doing all of these things accurately.


Marketers use organization skills to stay focused on completing tasks correctly and on time, create primary and backup marketing plans and coordinate the necessary elements to implement those plans.

Technical skills

A marketer uses technical skills to utilize digital marketing tools to deliver and track campaign components. Some of the tools marketers use daily are: SEO and SEM, email, CRM and social media.

These tools enable marketers to properly track the effectiveness of campaigns and find out where they can be improved to maximize the impact on potential customers.

Marketing specialist work environment

These professionals work in an office setting that typically includes the following characteristics:

  • Typically works indoors and spends the majority of time looking at a computer screen to track campaign effectiveness, collect and analyze data and compile reports.

  • Typical 40-hour workweek, Monday through Friday, occasionally working into the evenings or over weekends when facing tight deadlines

  • Occasional domestic travel

  • Reports to managers, supervisors and other department heads

  • Collaborates between departments to determine campaign effectiveness

The skills of a marketing specialist are useful in many sectors, including:

  • Business

  • Education

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Nonprofit

How to become a marketing specialist

The steps most commonly taken to become a marketing specialist are as follows:

1. Get an education

Marketing specialists usually must possess at least an Associate Degree in Marketing, while some employers require a bachelor’s degree and a certain level of professional experience. Some marketing specialists choose to study additional disciplines such as communications, advertising or public relations.

2. Develop work experience

A marketing specialist is generally required to have worked at least three years in marketing. Many marketing specialists begin their careers in support roles, such as internships or marketing assistant positions. Working in supporting roles can allow you to gain valuable experience that could make you a more effective marketer in the future.

3. Achieve professional certifications

Earning certifications in SEO/SEM, sales, digital marketing and business administration can help to prepare you for the responsibilities of a marketing specialist.

4. Prepare your resume

Be sure to list your highest level of education, relevant certifications and your level of experience. Your work history section should include the company’s name, your employment dates and a summary of your responsibilities, experiences and achievements. Preparing a standout professional resume with relevant information and credentials can help you find the job you want.

5. Begin job-searching

After completing the required education, professional certifications and appropriate work experience, check the current job listings for your local area. Apply to positions that you are qualified for, based on education and experience. Employers appreciate specialized experience, a wide range of skills and the ambition to take on all the responsibilities of the role.

Marketing specialist job description example

Top Tier Financial Advisors is seeking a skilled marketing specialist to expand our overall marketing strategy. This position plays an integral role in the development and execution of marketing campaigns aimed to heighten brand awareness to promote our services.

Our marketing specialist is a competent professional who is able to identify and understand consumer behavior trends, and use these trends to generate creative ideas. This role is specialized in marketing concepts, principles and tactics.

Our marketing goal goes beyond ROI. We need an effective marketer to implement programs that will help our company’s growth and reputation.


  • Conduct market research on trending consumer habits

  • Deliver brand-consistent messaging

  • Develop ideas for innovative marketing campaigns

  • Meet daily goals of campaign execution and enhancement

  • Support marketing activities by using your expertise in areas such as content development and optimization and advertising

  • Communicate with vendors to plan promotional events and campaigns

  • Collaborate with our marketing team to implement brand awareness and marketing efforts

  • Design and execute targeted initiatives to reach audiences through various channels

  • Analyze campaign results, conversion rates and website traffic to improve future marketing activities


  • Demonstrable experience in marketing data analytics and tools

  • Software skills, including word processing, design and marketing software and applications

  • Working knowledge of coding language and web development tools preferred

  • Organized, productive and results-driven

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

  • Creative thinking

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or equivalent

Our ideal candidate is well-versed in digital marketing tools and channels, including email, social media platforms, paid social media advertising, blogs, partner marketing and SEO. Additionally, this role will perform A/B testing and optimize campaigns to maximize ROI.

We prefer our marketing specialist to have experience in B2B and digital marketing. Additional consideration will be granted to applicants with demonstrable success in developing and executing social media marketing and viral advertising campaigns.

Practical experience plus the following traits are required: innovative thinking, positivity, integrity, strategic thinking, motivation, collaboration and leadership.

This person must be able to identify and quickly become familiar with new digital technologies that can be utilized to maximize brand awareness, increase customer retention and position the company in the best possible markets for gaining new clients.


Marketing is the process of creating value for a company by developing, executing, and managing marketing programs that create customer loyalty, business growth, and shareholder value. A marketing specialist typically specializes in one or more of these areas.

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