Workout Like an Athlete

By | January 11, 2024

With the new season of the NFL kicking off, you may have been considering what it’s like to be a pro ball player. Looking at the Seahawks odds this year, it’s clear that they’ve upped their game, and the reason behind this may be their workout routine. You can also work out like an athlete, with some tips that will make a huge difference. 

Pro Athlete Schedules

The average pro athlete spends most of their days in the gym with a personal trainer, focusing on specific aspects of their game. The trainer designs their workouts for the sport they play, along with focusing on any weak parts in their game. 



Exercise isn’t the only focus. Pro athletes also pay attention to their diets. There’s no junk food on the menu, along with no sugar and salty foods. They’ll likely eat plenty of protein, lean meat, and complex carbs. Many teams have nutritionists on the payroll to make food choices easier for the athletes. Some teams or players even have chefs to make their lives easier.


The Habits

The time an athlete spends in the gym and their very narrow diets are part of why it’s difficult for regular people to really train like an athlete. The principles will stay the same, regardless of how much time you have to spend at the gym, but you can do so within reason. 


Ensure You Warm Up Properly

You may think that a few minutes of cardio or some static stretches is enough to warm up your muscles. This isn’t accurate, as you need to prepare your muscles and tendons for the exercise you’re about to do. The better you prepare, the better your body will perform. 

Train as Often as Possible

You want to train at least three times a week, with a five-day training schedule being ideal. If you only train once or twice a week, your body won’t be able to do the movements you ask of it properly. It also helps build good habits to train more than three times a week. 

Put in Rest Days

Put in at least one rest day for your body to recover. Your muscles need to rest to build more strength. 

Move Even if You Don’t Exercise

Working movement into your daily life will add to your training routine. You can take your dog for more walks or walk to the grocery store. Instead of emailing a colleague, see if you can’t go upstairs to speak to them in person. Activity during your daily life will make the time you spend exercising more valuable. 

Watch Your Diet

Eating healthy is the same whether you’re exercising or not. A healthy diet is the backbone of a healthy life. If food makes you feel bad, cut it out of your diet. Try to eat clean and lean foods, which include proteins and vegetables. It’s also good to have days off, where you can eat foods you’ve been craving, even if it’s junk. Remember, pro athletes have off seasons, where they don’t train as hard or eat completely healthy. 

Do Exercises You Enjoy

If you hate running on the treadmill, try jogging outside. If throwing heavy things around after a long day seems fun, try it. Pro athletes train according to the requirements of the sport, so every routine looks different. You’re not bound to a specific sport, so you can train in whatever way you want. 


Training like an athlete may be easier than you think if you follow some basic principles. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to spend the same amount of time exercising, but you can still have fun while training. 


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