Life Insurance Companies in Uganda

By | January 13, 2024

Life Insurance Companies in Uganda | This is a list of insurance companies in Uganda regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda:

Life Insurance Companies in Uganda

List of Insurance Companies in Uganda regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda:


Non-life insurance companies

  1. AIG Uganda Limited
  2. basani insurance limited
  3. Alliance Africa General Insurance Limited
  4. Britam Insurance Uganda Limited
  5. CIC General Insurance Uganda Limited
  6. East African Underwriters Limited
  7. GoldStar Life Assurance Company Limited
  8. NIC General Insurance Company Limited
  9. Statewide Insurance Company Limited
  10. The Jubilee Insurance Company of Uganda
  11. TransAfrica Assurance Limited
  12. UAP Insurance Uganda Limited

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Life insurance companies

  1. Prudential Assurance Uganda Limited (Acquired Goldstar Insurance in June 2015)
  2. The Jubilee Life Insurance Company of Uganda
  3. Liberty Life Assurance Company Limited
  4. NIC Life Assurance Company Limited
  5. Sanlam Life Insurance Company Limited
  6. UAP Life Assurance Uganda Limited

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