Ten New Tech Companies to Watch

By | February 1, 2024

Technology is making strides in a variety of industries and startups are adopting it quickly to find new solutions. The New York Times lists the best ways to keep track of all the innovation, from virtual reality technology to artificial intelligence.

These companies demonstrate that innovation doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. They are not just innovating; they are innovating with technology as well.

We know you want to see which innovative tech companies we should be watching, so here are 10 new tech companies you should be keeping tabs on right now.


This year has been a monumental one for the tech industry. The Nasdaq hit a record high of 5,560 in January, and has continued to climb ever since.

Investors have high hopes for the new year, with many expecting that this surge in stock prices will continue into 2019.

New companies are popping up every day, and they’re all looking for their shot at dominating the market. These startups may not be household names just yet, but they’re sure to make waves as time goes on. Keep an eye out for these five companies in particular over the next few months:


1. MetaX

This company is leading the charge on the blockchain side of the tech industry. MetaX recently launched its decentralized exchange platform, allowing users to trade between cryptocurrencies.

The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing it to process over 10,000 trades per second. MetaX is also developing a decentralized asset management product.

This product, known as MetaX MAN, will allow users to create decentralized asset management solutions. Businesses and institutions will be able to use MetaX MAN as an all-in-one resource.

2. New Relic

This company tracks customer engagement across websites and apps. New Relic helps customers find high-value customers and increase engagement with their products and services.

Its software is integrated with customer apps, websites, and systems. New Relic uses machine learning and data science to create insights and analyze customer behavior.

New Relic’s customer engagement platform gives businesses the ability to track and optimize customer journeys across all touchpoints. This includes customer apps, websites, emails, and other channels.

3. Reverie

Reverie is building an artificial intelligence and machine learning platform. They wants to create an open ecosystem for the development of AI and machine learning.

The company recently launched its public beta, which includes tools from the public blockchain. Users can build on the Reverie blockchain, creating decentralized applications and decentralized applications for the public blockchain.

This company is also developing a DevNet for the public blockchain, where developers can build decentralized applications that run on the Reverie platform.

4. ScriptRock

ScriptRock is building a platform that aims to simplify the publishing of legal documents. The company explains that it’s aimed at “the complex and often time consuming publishing of legal documents.”

The company’s goal is to streamline the publishing process of legal documents, such as contracts, wills, and trusts. To help businesses, ScriptRock is developing an AI-enabled platform.

The platform is designed to help businesses with the most common publishing issues. It’s designed to help companies publish documents by scanning them and automatically creating customized templates.

5. Wocket Co-Working and Hosting

Wocket is a blockchain-based platform that aims to connect business and trading partners. The company claims that its AI-enabled trading and risk management algorithms help traders make more informed decisions.

Partners on the Wocket platform can process transactions using the Wocket token. As a co-working and hosting company, Wocket offers blockchain-as-a-service. This includes the development of blockchain-based applications on the platform.

6. ZenTao Inc.

Zen Tao is a Chinese tech company based in Fuzhou, the capital of China’s Fujian province. ZenTao’s products and services revolve around AI and blockchain. ZenTao is developing a blockchain-based recruitment platform.

The platform aims to break down the barriers between businesses and talent by removing paper in the process. The company is also developing a blockchain-based fraud prevention system.

ZenTao is also developing its own cryptocurrency, called ZNT. The company claims that ZNT is a “secure and efficient” cryptocurrency. ZenTao will use the proceeds from the token sale to expand its business offerings.

7. QuantConnect

QuantConnect is a marketplace that connects financial traders with hedge funds and asset management firms. It’s already attracted some big-name investors, including Google’s venture capital arm and Fidelity Investments.

It’s also received attention from regulators in Europe, where it’s aiming to launch a regulated trading platform. If it can get these two pieces of the puzzle in place, QuantConnect could quickly become a major player in the trading industry.

That could have significant implications for the stock market as a whole, as high-frequency trading dominates the market. If some other types of trading are able to gain some traction, it could result in less frequent trading and perhaps even lower costs for investors.

8. Ltd. is a cybersecurity company that makes antivirus software for consumers and small businesses. It’s trying to take advantage of the growing security threat in the wake of major hacks like the one that hit Equifax.

The company has also recently acquired TrustGo, a company that helps businesses manage their security risk. hopes to move beyond antivirus software and offer a complete cybersecurity solution. It’s already found success in India, where it was the market leader for several years.

It might not have much in the way of U.S. customers right now, but Zillya could have its sights set on dominating the global cybersecurity market in the coming years.


FlyerTalk has been around for over a decade and has a dedicated following of flyers, or people who buy and sell flights. The company has a number of services that facilitate the buying and selling of flights, but it’s mostly known for its message boards.

It’s also recently expanded into other areas, including real-estate listings. has a large community of users that could be willing to try new features, making it an easy way for the company to expand its user base.

The airline industry is one that’s likely to be impacted by a growing threat from cybersecurity. As technology becomes more advanced, it’s increasingly likely that hackers will target the industry.

If there’s a large enough market for buying and selling flights, it could be a good way for to stay afloat in a changing market.

10. Bitnami Software Company Ltd.

Bitnami is a cloud provider that specialises in providing applications for various platforms. It’s designed to let users quickly get started with their new apps without having to worry about the differences between different platforms.

Bitnami recently launched a new product called “Bitnami Cloud for Kubernetes.” The Kubernetes container management system is one that’s likely to gain a lot of attention in the coming years.

It’s already become a major part of the cloud-based app market, and the next step is likely to be on-premises deployments.

Bitnami could become a major player in the Kubernetes market if it can offer a way to quickly set up Kubernetes on-premises.

Bottom line

These five companies are just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of new tech startups popping up every year, and it can be challenging to keep track of them all. By keeping an eye out for these five companies in particular, you can get an early look at the new tech landscape for 2019.


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