How to Pass Waec and Neco at First Sitting

By | February 15, 2024

5 Golden Tips For Passing WAEC And NECO At First Sitting This Year

Does passing WAEC and NECO at first sitting sound like a big deal to you? If yes, then go get a plate to beg; for the society, we live in is nothing but one in search of really smart guys who are desperate for success. Pass Waec and Neco at First sitting.

How to Pass Waec and Neco at First Sitting

There is no magic when it comes to passing WAEC and NECO at first sitting. I mean, clearing all your papers including Mathematics and English language at first attempt without examination malpractice. Forgive me for using the word, “attempt”. Sorry, I used it again. Whatever.


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What I want you to know is that I’ve got the “how” question already answered. So, take a stool and take down these points I’m about to share with you if you really want to pass WAEC and NECO at first sitting. These are golden tips for passing any examination, not just WAEC or NECO.

Step 1: Avoid All Forms Of Exams Fear and fever

The fastest killer of success is needless fear and unnecessary panic. You do not have to panic or fear whether you will pass WAEC or NECO at first sitting or not. So, what you have to do is to build up confidence and avoid every form of panic and fear of the exams called “Exams Fever.


Step 2: Get To Know The Marking Scheme

For this, here is what you can do. Ask your subject teachers, and school counsellors to show you or explain the WAEC and NECO marking scheme. If you are the smart type, you can even go ahead and connect with an examination official to know what the WAEC and NECO marking scheme detects.

Of course, some of your subject teachers are WAEC and NECO examiners. So, they should know. Done be a dullard. Connect with your teachers and be smart about this. This is where you will get to know the dos and don’ts of WAEC and NECO. No man is an island. If you want to write WAEC and NECO twice or thrice, please kindly ignore this step.

Step 3: Pay Attention to Instructions

It is mandatory that you carefully read all instructions given in your answer booklets or by the examiners/invigilators before attempting any question. Attempting questions which are not meant for you, for example, is like wasting your time. And if you’re caught turning over to the next page when it’s not yet time to do so, then you may have to start preparing to buy WAEC and NECO form next year.

Step 4: Study Recommended Textbooks

There is no point reading junks and out-of-context materials which fall off the scope of the syllabus. That is how and why students, sorry candidates, fail. Don’t be an idiot. If you want to pass WAEC and NECO at first sitting, then go get only recommended textbooks and centre your study around that. The place of good textbooks cannot be overemphasized if truly you want to pass WAEC and NECO at first sitting. Else, flaunt this and I’ll see you in the WAEC and NECO exams hall next year.

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It is these textbooks that will broaden your scope of the subject matter and give you a wider understanding of what a concept it. Moreover, you get to practice choice questions and exercises, follow examples and do the activities recommended.

Show me a student without a good WAEC and NECO textbook, and I’ll show you a WAEC and NECO candidate on the highway to failure. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t be a WAEC and NECO customer next year. Follow these steps seriously.

Step 5: Make The WAEC and NECO Past Questions Your Study Companion

You cannot do without original past questions and answers on all the subjects you are to sit for at WAEC and NECO of you really want to succeed at the exams. So, go get them and study them as if your life depends on them. Why? Almost all new questions set by WAEC and NECO are past questions tweaked and repeated over the years. Sometimes, they are served wholesale.

A good understanding of the past questions will reveal to you the likely repeatable questions and how to tackle them. You will also discover the WAEC and NECO questions setting pattern, the nature of the exams, the number of question asked etc. Read much, but read smartly.

With the past questions, you will be able to concentrate on the more important aspects of the exams and factor means to tackle the grey areas.

Give up too much sleep and strive for excellence. Success is costly and only the diligent get it. There is no shortcut to sustainable success. If you must earn it, you must work for it. Hey, did these steps sound too good to be true for your ears? If yes, then you are on your way to failure.


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