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By | February 28, 2024

The NYU Dentistry Center for Oral Health Policy and Management is hosting a new series of public conversations on oral health policy and management. Get the latest information about NYU Dentistry’s innovative practices, including PROHmotion.

NYU Dentistry has led the way in dentistry for over 65 years, educating the next generation of dentist. Learn more about our degree programs and research today!

Section 1: NYU Dentistry

Section 2: NYU School of Medicine

Section 3: NYU School of Public Health

For more information on how NYU Dentistry is integrating oral health into the future of medicine, visit NYU Dentistry’s website.

A special thanks to Alison Kolton and Jan Walker for assistance with this project.

A special thanks to Tom Quinlan for making this video possible.

A special thanks to Abby Williams, PhD, and Carol Winger, PhD for their help in putting this video together.

A special thanks to Lauren Shamon and Carina Charriere, doctoral candidates, for their help in coordinating the NYU Oral Health Research Symposium.

A special thanks to Samantha Bernstein for help with this project.

Dental Care and Oral Health

Are you seeking oral health treatment for yourself or a loved one? Our multidisciplinary team of dental professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to all of our patients. We currently have 45 fellowship-trained, full-time, faculty clinicians and assistants, which are both more than the average program in the United States.

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Our new website has a new, interactive feature, describing our specialty, career, and undergraduate and graduate dental programs, along with bios of our fellows.

More about our specialties, education, faculty, graduates, staff, and oral health research

Visit NYU Dentistry’s most recent press releases to learn more about our comprehensive education, research, clinical, and advocacy work.

NYU Dentistry Programs

The NYU College of Dentistry offers a rigorous four-year DMD (Doctor of Dental Surgery) program and a DMS (Doctor of Dentistry, Masters in Science) graduate degree program with additional concentrations in advanced research and teaching.

The NYU College of Dentistry is the preeminent academic institution in dentistry in New York City. Thousands of dental students annually graduate from our campuses in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and at our satellite sites in New Jersey, New Jersey State University, Queens College, and Buffalo State College.

Highlighting our Innovative Practices

NYU Dental researchers conduct leading-edge clinical and basic science research in the fields of health and dental care.

The NYU Dentistry M.D. program

NYU Dentistry’s graduate medical school programs are ranked as high as #2 in the United States and #7 in the world for all medical disciplines. NYU Dentistry also has an internationally recognized Division of Pediatric Dentistry.

Learn more about NYU Dentistry’s Masters in Public Health program!

Join the NYU School of Medicine community today!

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For the latest news about NYU Dentistry, follow @NYUDODentistry on Twitter and check out NYU Dentistry’s Instagram for the latest news.

The NYU Dentistry D.M.D./Ph.D program

The NYU Dentistry D.M.D./Ph.D program seeks to develop leaders with a proven commitment to the highest standards of patient care and public health and a commitment to academic excellence. Located in Manhattan, NYU Dentistry is a leader in oral health research, patient care and treatment.

For more information, visit dental.nyu.edu.

Art & History of Dentistry

NYU Dental School professors Thomas C. White and Julia G. (Lindenberger) Schneemann will speak at the 35th International Dental Congress, which will be held in Washington DC from July 9-15, 2019. NYU Dentistry experts will offer insights into the history of dentistry and the ways that modern-day researchers and clinicians are addressing the areas of access to care, oral cancer and global health.

For more information, visit dental.

NYU Dentistry Research

NYU Dentistry is committed to advancing research, starting at the molecular level. Our scientists and their partners have recently completed groundbreaking studies to prevent tooth decay, replace teeth, and treat food allergies.

For more information, visit our Publications page.

Mission: We aspire to deliver superior patient care and patient education through the creation of diverse research faculty, staff, students and service providers who are exemplary in character and in skill.

NYU Dentistry Programs

Learn more about the Dentistry Master of Science Programs and the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Degree Programs.

Visit our site for Dental Humanism Special Interest Groups.

– For information about all undergraduate dental programs, see the Dental Programs page.


To see you again! By choosing the right dentist and dental practice, you can decrease your risk of dental disease. Choose your office wisely, and see you soon.

By Richard Nowak, DDS, MPH, MBA. Richard Nowak is an internationally renowned orthodontist, and the former chairman of the Department of Orthodontics at NYU Dentistry. He has also served as an advisor to dentists in over 75 countries, and has authored over 300 publications and book chapters. He has founded multiple startups, including ToothMob, SiliDig, TMAST, and PROHmotion.

Richard Nowak graduated from Stanford University School of Dental Medicine in 1973, after which he completed a residency in Orthodontics at NYU.

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