Pasadena High School 2024: Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, Scholarship

By | January 17, 2024

Pasadena High School Acceptance Rate – Pasadena High School is one of the most selective schools in Pasadena. But how do they determine who to admit? They use a variety of factors, including grades, test scores, and interviews. And while their admissions process is rigorous, it’s not impossible to get into Pasadena High School. So what are the consequences of being a high school student in Pasadena?

Pasadena High School Acceptance Rate - best school News

Pasadena High School is a school that has been in the news recently for having a high acceptance rate. Pasadena, California is known as one of the most selective schools in the nation, and many students choose to attend its prestigious universities. However, it’s not just Pasadena that has been gaining recognition for its high acceptance rate. Many other colleges and universities have followed suit, making Pasadena one of the most competitive cities in the United States when it comes to college admissions. In order to achieve success at Pasadena High School, you need to have strong grades and be a good student.

About Pasadena High School

Pasadena High School is a public high school located in Pasadena, California. It is one of the largest high schools in the city and offers a wide range of classes and opportunities for students. The school was founded in 1907 and has seen many changes over the years, including becoming co-educational in 1969.

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As one of the four comprehensive high schools in the Unified School District of Pasdena, it has the highest number of student populace in grades 9 through 12. Located a few metres from the Los Angeles metropolis, Pasadena High School owes its accreditation to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Upon passing the High School Provision bill in 1981, PHS has been in existence for over a hundred and sixteen years (116) and since then, has remained unshaken in discharging its duties.

With utmost devotion, uncompromising academic environment and support programs, it has continually provided the students with a comprehensive curriculum to make their focus attainable.

There are a plethora of programs available to students within the school community including printing, graphic design, commercial arts and advertising. These very rare opportunities and more, are why you should come study at Pasadena High School.

Is Pasadena High School Good?

Pasadena High School is a great school. It has a good curriculum, great staff, and top-notch students. But is it the best school in Pasadena? That’s up to you to decide. Here are some factors to consider before making your decision.

Pasadena High School is a public school in Pasadena, California, and has been in operation since 1868. It is one of the most selective high schools in the United States.
Pasadena High School offers a variety of programs that appeal to students from all walks of life. Students can choose from a wide range of academies and programs, including: arts and sciences, business and economics, criminal justice, education, engineering, health sciences, history, mathematics, music, nursing/health care administration, social studies/government, and women’s studies.
Pasadena High School also offers many opportunities for extracurricular involvement. Some of these include: student government, choirleading/musical theater/, marching band/, varsity andJunior varsity football/, tennis/, track/, and water polo/.

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Pasadena High School is one of the most popular schools in Pasadena. It has a great faculty and staff, plus excellent students who get good grades. But is it really worth all the hype?

Pasadena High School Ranking

According to the US News & World Report rankings, Pasadena High School ranks at;

  • #2 in Pasadena Unified High Schools
  • #283 in Los Angeles, CA Metro Area High Schools
  • #716 in California High Schools
  • #4,964 in National Rankings

And according to Niche rankings, see the tabular representation below

Rankings In California In Los Angeles Area Los Angeles County
Standout High Schools #67 #45 #33
Best College Prep Public High Schools #344 #142 #73
Most Diverse Public High Schools #506 #113 #64
Best Public High Schools #521 #204 #111
Best High Schools for STEM #664 #265 #164

Pasadena High School Address

Pasadena High School is located at 2925 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California 91107 United States.

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What is the Acceptance Rate at Pasadena High School?

According to information submitted to the government by the school, it was garnered that the school’s acceptance rate is 83%.

It is an obvious fact that only a few numbers out of the total applicants are not considered for admission into this school.

One way to be among the selected few in your next trial is to improve your performance on state-required tests and international exams as these are the standards they employ in rating students.

Pasadena High School Tuition

“According to Privateschoolreview, the average cost of tuition for high schools in California for the 2022 academic year is $29,894.”

To view the average cost of tuition for other Californian High schools, check the link below.

Programs Offered at Pasadena High School

Asides from the course combination you have to undergo to become a high school graduate, there are peculiar programs that are also made for available to students.

They are:

  • Creative Arts, Media, and Design (CAMAD)
  • Law and Public Service Academy (LPS)
  • App Academy

Creative Arts, Media, and Design (CAMAD)

CAMAD presents students with opportunities to be original while making them develop client-based projects, and strengthen their confidence in creative arts.

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Law and Public Service Academy (LPS)

This is an introductory program that should usher students with interest in law, government, public, or protective services careers to fully equip them for what lies ahead.

App Academy

Through an interactive, project-based curriculum, this App Academy tutors students on computer programming and computer science.

Also, students are encouraged to put their creative skills to use for designs and websites, games, mobile apps, etc.

Pasadena High School Scholarships

Pasadena High School is a top-rated school and we’re excited to offer scholarships for students who exemplify the values of Pasadena. From our rigorous admissions process to our top-tier faculty, we want to ensure that our students have access to the best education possible. That’s why we offer scholarships for high school seniors who have achieved excellence in academics and community service. We believe that by awarding these scholarships, we will help these students reach their full potential and become successful members of Pasadena community.

One hurdle students get to face in their academic lives is the fact that it gets too burdensome at some point. And some students who do not meet up with paying their tuition pick dropping out of school as thier last resort.

Hence, the idea behind scholarships.

However, there is a wide array of scholarships available for the Pasadena High School students to access based on their capabilities. They include:

  • Class Scholarships
  • Gladiss Edwards Scholarship
  • Charles ‘Troop’ Petrone Scholarship
  • Mauritz Dahberg Memorial Scholarship
  • Jermaine Reese Memorial Scholarship
  • Thais La Vonne Baccus Memorial Scholarship

Pasadena High School Notable Alumni

  • Armon Binns, NFL player
  • Edward Abrams, Technologist and noted Drum and Bass artist
  • Louise Beavers, Actress
  • Walt Becker, Film director
  • Carol Cleveland, Actress
  • Mike Connelly, NFL lineman
  • Donald D. Engen, US Navy Vice Admiral
  • Bob Eubanks, Radio-TV personality
  • Howard Hawks, Hollywood film director
  • James Sanford, the world’s fastest human
  • Bill Sweek, basketball player and coach
  • Kevin Tighe, Actor
  • Cynthia Whitcomb, television writer and playwright
  • Jerry Tarkanian, college basketball coach

How many high schools are in Pasadena CA?

Pasadena, CA is home to over 1,500 high schools. So how many of them are in Pasadena? That’s a question we asked and received a response of 7.3%. We’re not sure why that is, but it seems like it could be because the city is growing so quickly. Keep in mind that this number includes both public and private high schools.

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Pasadena High School ensures that its students do not end up less than they were before they were granted admission into the school.

Hence, the combination of staff, coursework, and programs make the journey to greatness a smooth one.

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