15 Best Paying Seasonal Jobs

By | February 9, 2024

Best Paying Seasonal Jobs – If you are looking for a job that will earn you more money, a seasonal one may be the best option. These jobs don’t require much experience or education, but they can pay more than what your day-to-day job would offer. Here are some of the most common seasonal jobs.

15 Best Paying Seasonal Jobs - Best| School News

Seasonal work can provide a great way to try something new and earn some extra money at the same time.
This article will give you an idea of what seasonal jobs are like and where they can be found.
If you’re just starting out, this article should help you decide what type of job might be right for you or someone else in your life.


The summer season is a great time to try new jobs and earn some extra money. Let’s take a look at some of the seasonal jobs that are high paying and provide a lot of flexibility.

1) Construction:
– Jobs in construction can vary depending on the project. You might be building a house, renovating an area, or installing fiber optic cables.
– The work hours tend to be long and you’ll need to have your own equipment including hard hats, safety glasses, and protective clothing.
2) Emergency Medical Services:
– EMS workers respond to emergencies such as heart attacks, car accidents, fires, and other life-threatening situations on an emergency basis. They also provide medical care for patients before they are transported to the hospital by ambulance.
3) Retail:
– Working in retail comes with its ups and downs. You could be working in a store selling clothing or appliances; you might also work in

Benefits of seasonal jobs

Seasonal jobs are beneficial because they often provide better pay and may lead to full-time opportunities with benefits. Short-term or temporary positions allow you to familiarize yourself with a job you may want a full-time career in. Employers get to know you and your work ethic, making it more likely you will be hired when a spot opens up later.


They also have more flexible hours, which is great for families with kids and students looking for part-time work. Additionally, many seasonal positions offer more overtime opportunities.

What is the highest paying seasonal job?

There are a number of seasonal jobs that are often found during the summer months. We’re talking about resort jobs such as bartending, lifeguard and waiter positions. These are some of the highest paying seasonal jobs available, but they also come with the pressure to work fast while keeping an eye out for unsafe situations and unruly guests.
One thing that these jobs have in common is their high turnover rates. For example, only 69% of lifeguards who took the position in 2007 were still employed two years later. So if you’ve found your dream job, what should you know about it before jumping into it?

15 seasonal jobs that pay well

These seasonal jobs may offer higher than average pay during the holiday season:

  1. Doggy daycare employee

  2. Banquet server

  3. Retail associate

  4. Stocking associate

  5. Freelance photographer

  6. Package handler

  7. Client support specialist

  8. Warehouse employee

  9. Social media assistant

  10. Event coordinator

  11. Delivery driver

  12. Brand ambassador

  13. Snow removal driver

  14. Personal shopper

  15. Contract recruiter

1. Doggy daycare employee

National average salary: $11.08 per hour

Primary duties: Doggy daycare staff are responsible for making dogs comfortable while their owners are away. They supervise and control dogs during group play, clean playrooms, kennels and other areas of the facility as assigned and may also walk and groom dogs.

2. Banquet server

National average salary: $11.83 per hour

Primary duties: Banquet servers are waitstaff who serve food at catered events. Servers set tables and buffets and take drink and food orders if required. They also ensure buffets are replenished and assisted with all other food service-related tasks as needed.

3. Retail associate

National average salary: $12.01 per hour

Primary duties: Individuals in this role provide excellent customer service by assisting with the selection and purchasing of merchandise. They also stock items and may take inventory. Associates are responsible for keeping their department area clean and tidy, managing financial transactions and may assist with balancing and closing cash drawers.

4. Stocking associate

National average salary: $12.51 per hour

Primary duties: Stocking associates are responsible for stocking retail merchandise to ensure shelves are always filled. They receive merchandise, distribute it throughout the store and properly display it according to store policy. They also regularly take inventory and may help customers place online orders in-store.

5. Freelance photographer

National average salary: $14.43 per hour

Primary duties: Freelance photographers may work as contracted workers or be self-employed. They might take photos of weddings, parties, other special events or family gatherings.

6. Package handler

National average salary: $14.84 per hour

Primary duties: Package handlers are responsible for package quality assurance. Handlers load and unload packages in a warehouse to and from delivery vehicles. They must lift, push and pull on a daily basis. They also ensure packages and freight goods are safely and efficiently moved following company guidelines.

7. Client support specialist

National average salary: $15.03 per hour

Primary duties: Support specialists provide troubleshooting and account management services for clients. They have thorough background knowledge of the company’s products and services, and they may require some technical knowledge.

8. Warehouse employee

National average salary: $15.05 per hour

Primary duties: Warehouse employees perform a variety of duties to maintain an accurate log of goods coming in and leaving the facility. They receive and process incoming goods, organize inventory and manage filling, packing and shipping orders.

9. Social media assistant

National average salary: $15.79 per hour

Primary duties: Social media assistants help maintain client or company accounts by implementing social media marketing plans and monitoring the strategies for success. They generally post content as the brand, help increase brand awareness and may interact with brand followers.

10. Event coordinator

National average salary: $15.83 per hour

Primary duties: Event coordinators plan events based on client specifications. They orchestrate location, decorations, catering, entertainment, speakers and all other event details. During the event, they ensure all planned details are correct and may help manage the guest list and fix technical issues.

11. Delivery driver

National average salary: $16.81 per hour

Primary duties: Delivery drivers pick up packages from stores and warehouses to transport and distribute over a small region. They are required to deliver all items on time without damaging packages. They must know package drop-off policies for various apartment buildings, offices and residences based on package type.

12. Brand ambassador

National average salary: $17.25 per hour

Primary duties: Brand ambassadors represent brands by using their products and services and speaking about them positively to their social media following, friends and family. Ambassadors may need to post about the brand on their social media depending on their contract, and they usually receive a discount on products or free products in exchange for their positive reviews.

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13. Snow removal driver

National average salary: $19.38 per hour

Primary duties: Snow removal drivers remove ice and snow from roads, driveways, parking lots and other designated areas. Some may drive snowplows, while contracted workers may outfit their truck with a large plow. Some drivers may also deposit salt to help dissolve snow to make driving safer during winter months.

14. Personal shopper

National average salary: $21.85 per hour

Primary duties: Personal shoppers help others shop by giving personal suggestions and advice on what to buy. Personal gift buyers shop, gift wrap and ship gifts for their clients.

15. Contract recruiter

National average salary: $30.17 per hour

Primary duties: Contract recruiters work on a contract basis with companies to help fill open positions. They review candidate applications and hold interviews with qualified ones. Based on candidate experience, they appropriately place them into their client’s open positions. They also may simply pass along resumes and interview answers to clients to make a decision themselves.


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