How To Manage Your Time During JAMB CBT Examination Hall

By | January 10, 2024

Knowing how to manage your time in JAMB CBT examination hall is one important factor that will help you pass your JAMB examination very well. Manage Your Time During JAMB Examination.

Manage Your Time During JAMB Examination

In fact, time management in any examination is a determinant factor to how well you will pass the examination. If you don’t know how to manage the time given to you in an examination hall, it will be very difficult for you to pass the examination with an excellent result.


JAMB CBT Exams 2021/2022 : How to Manage Time

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This is why learning how to manage your time in JAMB CBT examination is very important. In JAMB CBT Examination, once you log in to your system with your unique username and password, your time start counting and once it counts to the end your system will shut down automatically. You could imagine how annoying it could be if you are not able to answer every question before your allotted time. That is why we want you to learn how to manage your time in JAMB CBT examination hall.


Steps to manage your time in JAMB CBT examination hall

1. Practice how to use the CBT software before going into the exam hall

One thing you can’t do without in this kind of examination is planning to go into the examination hall without first practising how to use the CBT software effectively. By getting yourself familiarize with the CBT software, you will boost your chances of passing JAMB CBT examination very well. There is no how you can manage time in the examination you did not prepare for. Make sure you take time to prepare effectively before going for the exam.

2. Train yourself on how to manage time in the JAMB CBT Examination hall

Managing time in an examination is not something you could just wake up from sleep and achieve it. You have to pass through proper training or train yourself to do it.

To do this, you have to get the JAMB CBT Examination software (Latest version) and practice on how to answers questions correctly as fast as fast as possible. Test yourself and try to finish as fast as you can before the allotted time and check how correct your answers are. By training yourself this way, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the whole time management stuff such that you will be time conscious when you’re answering your questions in the Examination hall.

3. Answer your Favorite subjects first

This point is very important. It has helped so many people succeed in any examination. Always choose the subject you know very well to start with. This is to help you provide correct answers to the questions you know so that even if you randomly pick answers on the ones you don’t, it will not really affect your performance.

4. Don’t waste too much time on a question you don’t know

Yes, you should not waste all of your time on a question you don’t know. Move forward to the next question and tick the ones you know first. If you waste much time on a question you don’t know, the truth is there will be not enough time left for you to answer the once you even know. Try as much as possible to train yourself not to waste time on questions you don’t know.

5. Go to your Examination centre 1 hour earlier than your scheduled time

One thing that most candidates fail to take very serious is going to the examination venue before time. Going to your examination centre an hour earlier than your scheduled time is very crucial. This will help you calm down your anxiety and put you on a safer.

JAMB has already started in their CBT examination guidelines that all candidates should make themselves available at the examination centre 30 mins before the exam time for biometrics verification and other arrangements. Please, try as much as possible to be at your examination centre an hour before the start time. If your distance is very far from your JAMB exam centre, you can travel a day before your exam date and stay close to your examination venue so you can get there as early as possible. You will not have any excuse to give if you go to your JAMB examination venue after the exam has been started.

6. Pray for success

There is nothing unachievable with GOD. In whatever you’re doing put God first and you shall see how he will help you achieve it easily. Pray for God guidance and quickly understanding. Ask him to help you understand any question and locate the answer very quickly.

Wish you success in your JAMB CBT Examination!.


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